Sterile Processing

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MFI Medical proudly carries an extensive selection of sterile processing supplies like cleaners, disinfectants, sterilizers, water purification systems, and ultrasonic cleaners from recognized brands such as HK Surgical, Parker, Midmark, Mettler, Ritter, Tuttnauer, Medco, and LifeSign.

Ritter M9D AutoClave Sterilizer

The Ritter M9D AutoClave Sterilizer is an automatic sterilizer with a manual door. Features an intuitive LCD display to help you quickly and easily select the cycle you need for unwrapped items, pouches, packs, or handpieces.

Tuttnauer Chamber Brite Powdered Autoclave Cleaner

The Tuttnauer Chamber Brite Powdered Autoclave Cleaner is the ideal replacement for other messy liquid autoclave cleaners. Helps keep autoclaves clean and free of deposit build-up.

LifeSign Easicult COMBI

The LifeSign Easicult COMBI is designed to monitor microbial contamination in industrial environments such as paint manufacturing, cutting fluids, paper/pulp, and fuel tanks.

Our Current Specials

At MFI, we work with manufacturers to get the best deals for customers and caregivers. Check out our specials page and get the latest available deals for all types of medical products.

Midmark Enzymatic Cleaner

Midmark Enzymatic Cleaner


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The Midmark Enzymatic Cleaner (#9A298001) is an unscented liquid concentrate instrument detergent designed for use with the QuickClean Ultrasonic C...

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