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Colposcopes and Accessories

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What Are Colposcopes?

Colposcopes are the tools needed to perform a colposcopy, which is a diagnostic procedure that illuminates and magnifies the cervix and vaginal area. This is common procedure in obstetrics and gynecology to diagnose any problems or abnormalities in these important reproductive areas of the female body.

MFI carries a variety of branded colposcopes, and each model comes ready to use and contains a magnifier, a form of back lighting, eyepieces, and a mount. Added accessories can include a camera or LCD monitor for record-keeping or later analysis. Most colposcopes are mobile on wheeled mounts that can be arranged in any way that's comfortable for caregiver and patient.

Colposcope Accessories

Colposcopes can be customized with additional or replacement accessories to better fit each OB/GYN practice.

Eyecups, Eyepieces, and Lenses

Eyecups are the plastic cases over the lenses where the users look through to see the diagnostic site. There are eyecups available in various sizes for better fit and comfort. Eyepieces contain the magnification with adjustable diopters to zoom in and out of the treatment area.

Replacement Bulbs

Lights are important for properly illuminating the target area, and MFI carries replacement light bulbs to keep the colposcopes functioning bright. These light bulbs vary in size, so be sure to choose the correct bulb for the chosen colposcope.

A Variety of Cameras

Cameras can be a vital part of a colposcopy to record the results of a patient's diagnostic appointment. Depending on the size of the colposcope, users have an assortment of camera types to choose from, with some models that are attached to the device, and some that are detachable. Leisegang Colposcopes can have a Canon DSLR camera attached, while Bovie has a small eyepiece camera available. See which one works best for your office.

LCD Monitors

Some models of colposcopes are available with an LCD monitor for diagnostic or research purposes. These LCD monitors can be attached directly to the colposcope and provide on-screen, real-time views of the treatment site. Practitioners can also use these images for patient records and further treatment, or to educate the patient on their conditions.

Seiler Halogen Lamp
Save 16%

Seiler Halogen Lamp


Retail Price: $22.00

The Seiler Halogen Lamp (#64634 / 15 V / 150 W) is a replacement for use with Seiler colposcopes.

Bovie Halogen Light Bulb

Bovie Halogen Light Bulb


Retail Price:

The Bovie Halogen Light Bulb (#CS-9001 / 150 watts / 21 volts) is a replacement part for use with the Colpo-Master Colposcopes.

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