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The ears are two of the most sensitive areas of the body, and as such require specialized equipment to test for hearing without overwhelming the patient. MFI Medical carries audiometers and accessories from trusted brands like Ambco, Seiko, and Telephonics.

When Do You Need an Audiometer?

Audiometers are a necessary tool for determining hearing problems in patients, which can include:

  • Birth defects.
  • Ear infections.
  • Hereditary conditions, such as abnormal ear bone growth.
  • Inner ear disease such as Meniere’s.
  • Repeated exposure to loud noises.
  • Ruptured eardrums.

With an audiometer, physicians can test their patient’s ability to hear by emitting different decibels from the device through earphones that the patients wear. 

Types of Audiometer Tests

  • Pure Tone Testing: Patients are placed in a booth with headphones, where sounds at different pitches and volumes are emitted. Typically patients are asked to raise their hand or press a button when they hear the tone, and the results are recorded.
  • Speech Perception: This test is one of concentration, and tests the patient’s ability to separate speech and conversation from background noise. This type of test is also known as a speech reception threshold.
  • Tympanometry: This test is ear-drum focused, and helps determine any wax buildup, perforations, or growths.
  • Bone Conduction Test: Pure tones are delivered through bone oscillators to determine the severity of hearing loss.
  • Whisper Test: With the whisper test, the examiner stands a predetermined distance away from the patient and whispers phrases to the patient. If the patient can repeat at least half of what the examiner said (typically numbers and letters), the patient passes.
  • Tuning Fork Test: Both the Rinne and Weber tests utilize tuning forks. The Rinne test has the examiner strike a tuning fork at the mastoid bone or ear canal, and the patient indicates once they can no longer hear the tone. The Weber test entails striking the tuning fork in the middle of the patient’s head and the patient indicating which ear through which they hear the sound best.

Audiometer Accessories Available

Earphones and Headsets

Headsets and their accompanying earphones are possibly the most important accessory items for a hearing test. MFI carries Ambco headsets and cushions, which are color-coordinated between the right and left ears. We also carry earphone cords to replace and repair worn or damaged cords.

Carrying Cases

It’s understood that not all patients may be able to reach a clinic with a specialized soundbooth, or that multiple physicians in a clinic may need access to an audiometer. Carrying cases are available that comfortably hold the audiometer, headphones, and other accessories for transport. Physicians can easily carry these devices around clinics and outside with ease.

Deals & Discounts

MFI Medical works closely with the audiometer brands you trust to bring exclusive discounts on items you need. Don’t forget to swing by our Specials page to see these deals, and check frequently as they change throughout the year.

Ambco Earphone Cord
Save 4%

Ambco Earphone Cord


Retail Price: $50.00

The Ambco Earphone Cord (#AMRC-1) is designed for use with Ambco's line of audiometers, such as the 650A, 650AB, 1000+, and 2500. Warranty: 90 Days.

Ambco 110 AC Adapter - 1000+P

Ambco 110 AC Adapter


$35.00 - $40.00

The Ambco 110 AC Adapter is made for use with various Ambco audiometers and printers. Warranty: 90 Days. Configurations Ambco 110 AC Adapter Con...

View full details
Ambco Earphone Cushion - Right

Ambco Earphone Cushion


Retail Price:

The Ambco Earphone Cushion is color coded in red and blue to help prevent confusion for both patient and doctor. The cushions make wearing the Ambc...

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Ambco Audiogram Pad

Ambco Audiogram Pad (50 Sheets/Pad)


Retail Price:

The Ambco Audiogram Pad (#AMPA-1 / 50 Sheets per Pad) is designed for use with the 650A, 650AB, 1000+, and 2500 Audiometers.

Ambco Headband

Ambco Headband


Retail Price:

The Ambco Headband (#AMHB-1) is a component of the Audiometric Headset. To be a complete headset, the Headband needs to be used with the Telephonic...

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Ambco Patch Cord
Save 5%

Ambco Patch Cord (Set of 3)


Retail Price: $60.00

The Ambco Patch Cord (#AMPC-3 / Set of 3) is designed for use with Ambco audiometers, such as the 650A, 650AB, 1000+, and 2500. Warranty: 90 Days.

Ambco PC Transfer Kit
Save 20%

Ambco PC Transfer Kit


Retail Price: $75.00

The Ambco PC Transfer Kit (#PC TRANSFER KIT) allows the Ambco 2500 Audiometer to be connected to a computer. Warranty: 90 Days - Defects.

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