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It's not just humans that need the best care when it comes to health and well-being. Animal companions need the best care too, and MFI carries top-end medical supplies to outfit most veterinary clinics. Keep in mind that many of the medical supplies and devices offered here can be applied to both human and animal use.

Everything a Vet Clinic Needs

A veterinary clinic is not too different from a medical clinic, in terms of equipment and supplies used, and MFI is proud to carry products that serve both veterinary and medical needs. These include everything from lighting to ultrasounds, and hygiene to emergency response.

Medical Lighting

Lighting an examination room or surgical space is crucial. In addition, it’s important that this lighting is mounted in a place that doesn’t obstruct the veterinarian’s view. MFI carries a variety of medical lighting in many shapes and sizes, so customers can choose the best light source that fits their space. Many of these lights also come with multiple mounting options, such as a mobile base, a wall mount, or ceiling mount.

Diagnostics and Ultrasound

Diagnostic tools, along with ultrasound, are often the first step when assessing internal problems with an animal. These include ultrasound dopplers, electrodes, pulse oximeters, and magnifiers, to better monitor an animal patient’s vital signs.

Hygiene and Sterilization

Proper hygiene and sterilization is vital for a safe caregiving environment, whether its in the examination room or the surgical suite. MFI carries autoclaves from brands you trust, including Ritter, Midmark, Tuttnauer, and Pelton & Crane. These autoclaves can effectively sterilize your equipment in a short time, keeping your veterinary practice running smoothly and efficiently.

See Our Latest Specials

At MFI Medical, we strive to bring medical and veterinary professionals the best tools they need to care for their patients. Don’t forget to check out our Specials page for the latest promotions and deals from brands you trust, including the ones listed above.

Zoll AED Plus Trainer2

Zoll AED Plus Trainer2


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The Zoll AED Plus Trainer2 (#8008-0050-01) is a training defibrillator that includes a Trainer2 Wireless Remote Controller (#8008-0007), set of CPR...

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