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Midmark specializes in products for the medical, dental, and veterinary fields. Their catalog includes computer workstations, instrument processing, and exam chairs and procedure tables.

One of their popular products is the M11 UltraClave Automatic Sterilizer. The M11 is the largest member of the Midmark family of autoclaves. It has the unique distinction of having the largest sterilizing capacity of any standard countertop sterilizer on the market, making it perfect for larger packs and instruments. The M11 is available in both Factory New and Certified Pre-Owned conditions. For smaller autoclaves, MFI offers the M9 UltraClave and the M7 SpeedClave, two excellent budget friendly options.

Another specialty of Midmark's is mobile workstations. The 6203 Care Exchange Flat Panel EMR Transition Workstation is a height adjustable workstation designed to improve flexibility and efficiency, allowing clinicians to work from a variety of positions while maintaining eye contact with patients. This system is ideal for practices that work with computer-based information systems. The included keyed laptop security system provides clinicians with peace of mind, knowing their laptops are safe from theft.

Some of Midmark's most sought after products are their Examination and Procedure Tables. The Midmark 630 Barrier-Free Universal Power Procedures Table is an extremely popular choice due to its many features and competitive pricing. MFI carries Certified Pre-Owned versions of this table at an even greater discount. The 630 is designed to complement the human body with more natural movement and enhanced positioning capabilities. It features several unique qualities including Motion Profiling for more human-like movement, Active Sensing Technology which pauses movement when harmful impact is detected, and best-in-class, 18-inch low seat height and 650-pound weight capacity.

Midmark also makes products under the Ritter brand name. A great Ritter product offered here at MFI is the Ritter 222 Barrier-Free Power Examination Table. The 222 is designed to accommodate all patients safely and comfortably. It features an extra low height and 400 pound patient weight capacity. MFI offers an affordable Certified Refurbished version of the 222 which is available in an array of colors.

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