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Smoke Evacuation Systems and Accessories

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Smoke evacuation is a fundamental part of electrosurgery and other treatments that give off noxious smells or fumes. With a reliable smoke evacuation system on hand, doctors can keep their treatment space clear from toxic odors and fumes, and keep their patients comfortable.

Smoke Evacuation Systems

A smoke evacuation system is often made up of the suction unit, tubing, and filters, with the goal to filter fumes from the treatment site before they’re exposed to the air. MFI carries a variety of brand name smoke evacuators, from Bovie to Surgimedics, each possessing their own unique features. They vary in weight, suction rate, and filter rate, but each is more than efficient at eradicating harmful fumes. They can also each be mounted in different ways from table-mounts to mobile trolleys.

Why Use One for Electrosurgery?

Electrosurgical systems are used for finite treatments in which tissues are removed or cauterized. Generators channel power through a handheld pen to an electrode tip, and the physician applies this charged tip to the tissue areas to essentially “burn” it off. The electrical application both removes and cauterizes the tissue, preventing bleeding and trauma to the tissues around the site. However, as tissues are removed, the process produces noxious fumes and unpleasant smells. That’s why many electrosurgical systems include a smoke evacuation unit, or highly recommend that one be used with electrodes before surgery.

Filters and Accessories

MFI Medical carries several accessory items that you need to keep your smoke evacuator running smoothly, including filters, tubing, suction wands, and sponge guards. Due to the nature of the vacuum device, it’s recommended to change out filters and tubes to keep the device clean and sterile between treatments. Oftentimes, smoke evacuation devices have an indicator light to show when it’s time to change the filters. Consult your smoke evacuator device manual or information guide to determine which accessory types or models are compatible with your unit.

Special Promotions Available

At MFI Medical we work closely with brands you trust to bring you the best deals and discounts on items you need. These sometimes include electrosurgical systems and smoke evacuation devices, to create a safer, comfortable environment for your patients. Check back every month, as these promotions change throughout the year.

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