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An ultrasonic cleaner is a sealed cleaning unit that emits high-frequency ultrasound waves to agitate fluids and remove contaminants from devices that are immersed in that fluid. Ultrasonic cleaners can be manufactured in a wide range of sizes to clean almost anything from industrial parts to small surgical instruments. MFI Medical carries ultrasonic cleaners that can be used to sterilize dental tools and surgical equipment, as well as other items like jewelry and personal items.

How Does Ultrasonic Cleaning Work? 

After placing the items in a cleaner filled with water (or other fluids), high-frequency ultrasonic waves are conducted through the liquid. The sound waves agitate the liquid, causing a bubble phenomenon called cavitation. The cavitation bubbles, coupled with the cleaning fluid, lift the contaminants off the tools. This method of cleaning is often favored, as the cavitation gets into the nooks and crannies, and other hard-to-reach areas. Hinges, joints, and finite tools get the deep clean that they need without resorting to corrosive cleaning products. 

This method of cleaning is highly effective at removing stains and contaminants, but is gentle on the tools, which essentially extends the life of the tools themselves. In addition, the cleaners are user-friendly and only need one operator. This saves clinics time and labor on cleaning tools and maintaining equipment.

Ultrasonic Cleaner Accessories

MFI Medical carries reliable ultrasonic cleaners from Mettler, Midmark, and Tuttnauer, as well as accessories compatible with each unit. These include cleaning solutions, trays, baskets, and covers. 

Cleaning Solutions

Tuttnauer offers enzymatic cleaning tablets, which are simple to plop into the liquid and clean instruments. Mettler’s Cavi-Clean is a biodegradable detergent that can dissolve blood and prevent rust formation, as well as being gentle on delicate instruments. 

In addition to instrument cleaners, the ultrasonic cleaner unit itself must also be cleaned regularly. The Midmark Speed-Clean Chamber Cleaner can be used to clean the trays and metal surfaces of the ultrasonic cleaners. 

Baskets and Covers

While most ultrasonic cleaners come with a basket or cover included, there are extra baskets and covers available if more are needed, or if the baskets are damaged. Covers are vital to keeping the machine sterile and the tools safe during the cleaning process.

Deals and Discounts 

MFI Medical works closely with brands you trust like Mettler, Midmark, and Tuttnauer, to bring you the most vital cleaners needed for your clinic. But in addition to products, MFI also strives to bring you the best pricing. For even better discounts on some of your favorite products, take a look at the Specials page to see any of the latest manufacturer or category deals we have to offer. Be sure to come back throughout the year, as these deals change frequently.

Mettler Cleaning Baskets

Mettler Cleaning Basket


$25.40 - $166.70

The Mettler Cleaning Basket is available for each model of the Cavitator Ultrasonic Cleaner to facilitate retrieval of cleaned items. Warranty: 1 Y...

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Mettler Fill Hose

Mettler Fill Hose


Retail Price:

The Mettler Fill Hose (#1159) attaches to the Cavitator Ultrasonic Cleaners to gently clean and polish any surface. Warranty: 1 Year. The extra lon...

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