Electrosurgical Systems and Supplies

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What is Electrosurgery?

Electrosurgery is the use of channeled electric currents to heat and cut organic tissues with precision and cauterization. This type of surgery limits blood loss, as it cauterizes the wounds as tissue is cut away and removed.

Components of Electrosurgery

MFI carries complete electrosurgical kits with all the necessary components, but also carries individual components in both certified pre-owned and factory new conditions.


The generators are the source of the channeled electricity, often known as Hyfrecators or Desiccators. These generators vary in size, depending on the intended use of the system. Dermatological procedures can use small high frequency desiccators to remove skin defects, while larger electrosurgical generators can remove tissues in operating rooms with less blood loss.

Smoke Evacuation

During an electrosurgical procedure, any burning of the flesh will produce a bad smell along with toxic fumes or smoke. To keep the area clear of these foul odors and fumes, a smoke evacuator is needed to filter the air of harmful substances, such as carbon dioxide and biological hazards. Smoke evacuators are specially designed to snatch these odors and plumes as they're released during the procedure, and keep the treatment area clean and comfortable for the patient and caregiver.


To channel the electric current to specific points on the body, professionals need electrodes of various size. At MFI, the variety of electrodes available is large, appealing to professionals in nearly all medical specialties. These electrodes range from sharp or blunt dermal tips, loops, balls, blades, or needle electrodes.

Electrosurgical Accessories

Outside of electrodes, there are other accessories to make the electrosurgical system more efficient. These include footswitches, handpieces, pencil sheaths, forceps, mobile carts, and more. Note which accessories are available to specific brands, to ensure compatibility.

Top Brands for Electrosurgery

MFI carries some of the top brands in the electrosurgical field. These include Boston Scientific, Bovie, CLS-Surgimedics, ConMed, CooperSurgical, Ethicon, Skintact, Stackhouse, Utah Medical, ValleyLab, and Wallach. Both factory new and certified pre-owned models are available, offering a wide variety of units designed for mobility, portability, or stationary settings.

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MFI's Choice

ConMed Hyfrecator 2000

ConMed Hyfrecator 2000


$695.00 - $870.00

The ConMed Hyfrecator 2000 includes a power up/down hand-switching pencil with 10 foot (3 m) cord. In addition, the Factory New option also include...

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Bovie Mobile Stand - Complete Package

Bovie Mobile Stand


$217.74 - $491.30

The Bovie Mobile Stand is made for use with the Derm 101 (#Derm101), Derm 102 (#Derm102), Derm 942 (#A942), and Bantam PRO (#A952) Desiccators/Gene...

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