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Spirometers conduct respiratory analysis to find abnormalities in patient respiration, and they measure patient ventilation. The ability to breathe properly provides most of us the ability to sleep easily, exercise without problem, and distribute oxygen throughout our bloodstream. Most of us don't even have to think about it, we consume and expel air at a rate that keeps us balanced. Unfortunately, allergies, asthma, and many lung diseases prohibit some of us to intake and expel air correctly, and accurately diagnosing the root cause can be tough.

Digital spirometers are non-invasive tools that physicians use to measure for abnormalities in the air volume a patient can inspire and expire via the lungs. Telemedicine Spirometers are used to check up on patients in the field, in hospitals, and in physicians' offices, these devices can help to monitor and detect issues with pulmonary function. The reports that Spirometers provide are a useful and important step in the diagnosis of lung malfunction and examining specific breathing patterns that point to underlying pulmonary disease, asthma, and allergies, and to assess therapeutic interventions.

MFI Medical carries a variety of handheld spirometers and accessories like SpO2 sensors, flowmeters, mouthpieces, nose clips, and more from brands such as MIR, Schiller, and QRS. Physicians can breathe easier knowing that they can help diagnose and treat patients with allergies, lung diseases such as COPD (obstructive pulmonary disease), and asthma by conducting a quick PFT (Pulmonary Function Test) using the spirometers that these reputable brands manufacture.

Our collection of Spirometers is versatile and includes everything from ultra-portable spirometers such as the QRS Orbit Spirometer and MIR Minispir Spirometer both of which use USB to report spirometry results, to the MIR Spirobank II Smart BLE Spirometer which is an incentive spirometer that uses icon based navigation and pediatric incentive animations to make testing much quicker and easier.

Some of the spirometers that we carry double as oximeters to provide a more complete picture when it comes to diagnosis of respiratory issues. Some of our MIR spirometers such as the MIR Spirodoc + Oxi Spirometer, and the MIR Spirolab Spirometer have the ability to conduct oximetery readings built into them. This function allows physicians to measure oxygen in the blood through SpO2 testing and heart rate measures. When combined with spirometry measurements of lung capacity and function, measuring oxygenation of the blood can provide a clearer path to diagnosis.

MD Spiro Nose Clip

MD Spiro Nose Clip (20/Bag)

MD Spiro

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The MD Spiro Nose Clip (#3304 / Bag of 20) is recommended for all types of spirometry testing.

MIR Battery Charger

MIR Battery Charger


Retail Price:

The MIR Battery Charger is a medical-grade power supply designed for use with the Spirodoc, Spirotel, Spirobank, and Spirolab Spirometers. Warranty...

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QRS Nose-Clip

QRS Nose-Clip (50/Bag)


Retail Price:

The QRS Nose-Clip (#724050-00), in line with ATS guidelines, is recommended when performing a spirometry test with a QRS spirometer. Warranty: 1 Ye...

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