Mettler TENS 210T Neuromuscular Stimulator

TENS Stimulators and Accessories

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Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) units are convenient, handheld devices for patients undergoing electrotherapy for their physical therapy needs. They help reduce or eliminate pain under the skin, typically on the back area, and can be used for both home care and personal use. These small devices can also run off battery power, instead of needing to be connected to AC power. They’re also subtle and condensed to fit underneath clothing or in pockets.

Why Use Portable TENS Stimulators?

Portable TENS Stimulators are best used for pain management through the use of electrodes and the compact TENS unit. With the guidance of physical therapy specialists, patients have electrodes placed on their body which are connected to the TENS in order to deliver certain level of electrical stimuli. When activated, these electrodes deliver controlled electrical currents to stimulate nerves and manage pain.

Using TENS therapy is an alternative, drug-free method for pain management, and can be preferable for patients who are experiencing post-surgical pain, migraines, tension, acute pain, chronic pain and more. However, it’s important that patients speak with their physical therapist or physician about how to properly use a TENS device before attempting use.  

TENS Consumables

Other than the TENS devices themselves, there are also disposable items needed to keep this unit functioning correctly.

  • Electrodes: MFI carries a variety of electrodes in different shapes and sizes to accommodate different areas of the body.
  • Electrode Gels: Electrode gels are conductive saline gel substances that effectively distribute the current emitted from electrodes when the TENS is activated. It’s recommended that users purchase the matching-brand electrode gel to the electrodes they’re using.
  • Lead Wires: Electrodes are connected to TENS devices via lead wires. Similar to gels, it’s advised that customers use the same brand of lead wires as the electrodes they use.

Check Out Our Specials

MFI Medical works closely with TENS brands you trust to bring the best deals and promotions. We understand that you want access to the best devices for your patients. Check out our Specials page to see what’s available, and check back each month as these promotions change throughout the year.

Weaver Nuprep Skin Prep Gel

Weaver Nuprep Skin Prep Gel

Weaver and Company

$15.00 - $1,086.00

Weaver Nuprep Skin Prep Gel effectively lowers impedance to improve your tracings. Its mild abrasive formula improves conductivity and helps achiev...

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Mettler Sponge Inserts

Mettler Sponge Inserts


$19.99 - $42.69

The Mettler Sponge Inserts for the Sponge Electrodes are designed for use with any Mettler Stimulator or TENS units. They come in 4 different sizes...

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