Doppler Systems and Accessories

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Dopplers are unique devices that can detect a heartbeat or movement underneath the skin using ultrasound technology. Dopplers send out high-frequency sound waves to detect movement, such as a heartbeat or muscle condition. MFI carries a variety of advanced doppler systems from Bovie, Edan, Summit Doppler, and more.

Dissecting the Doppler

What are the components that make up a competent doppler system for your practice?

  • Doppler Sensor: MFI carries doppler systems that are both handheld or tabletop based. These sensors often have small displays for readouts during treatment, though not as large as a laptop or a monitor.
  • Probe: Probes come in all shapes and sizes, from wide-crown probes to narrow tips for detecting blood vessels. Waterproof probes are also available.
  • Optional Monitors: There are monitors and printers available to produce readouts or show patients and students the results in visual form.
  • Mounting Equipment: Not all dopplers are handheld devices, and the larger doppler systems can be mounted to tables or on mobility carts for transporting around a clinical space.

Fetal Dopplers

A fetal doppler is used to detect the heartbeat of the fetus. If any changes in the heart rate or rhythm are detected, they could be early signs of complications, and addressed accordingly. This enables parents and caregivers to monitor the health of the fetus, as well as address any changes or complications that arise.

Vascular Dopplers

Vascular dopplers use their high-frequency sound waves to monitor blood flow in the large arteries and veins of the body. Any abnormalities in the flow of these systems can be warning signs of larger complications. With this device, a caregiver can respond accordingly, whether through treatment or therapy.  

Doppler Accessories

Not all doppler systems are the same, and this same belief applies to the doppler probe sizes. For example, most vascular probes are narrower with a rounded tip, in order to better target the arteries and veins. Bovie offers waterproof probes that are much wider for multi-use applications and water-resistance. We recommend that you explore the variety of doppler systems available to find the best one that fits your practice.

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