Hausted Powered All Purpose Chair (EPC)

Stretcher Chairs

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Stretcher chairs provide a compact means of treatment and transport, performing multiple functions while enhancing patient care, comfort, and mobility. Stretcher chairs can provide a solution to traditional transport or procedure stretchers for certain facilities and specialties.

Ideal for surgery centers and small spaces, stretcher chairs allow for the safe transport of patients while also keeping the caregiver's safety in mind. Stretcher chairs provide a safe patient surface in a more compact setting than a traditional transport or procedure stretcher.

Available in both pneumatic and electric models, stretcher chairs can be positioned into full extended horizontal positions or into an infinite amount of recliner positions. Electric and pneumatic controls allow precise positioning of the patient for the caregiver. Articulating headpieces on eye surgery stretcher chairs provide optimum surgical positioning for ophthalmic, plastic surgery, or ENT procedures.

Certain medical specialties require a specialty stretcher for better access to the patient and to perform necessary medical procedures. MFI carries stretcher chairs perfect for a variety of medical specialties including Ophthalmology, Emergency Medical Services, Gastroenterology, Surgery, Dermatology, Plastic Surgery, Radiology, and more.

MFI carries many of the industry's leading brands including Hausted, Pedigo, Stryker, TransMotion Medical, and WY East Medical. Certified Pre-Owned stretcher chairs provide you the highest quality equipment at affordable prices. Certified Pre-Owned stretcher chairs have been inspected and refurbished by certified and trained engineers to their proper operating conditions as specified by the manufacturers. Certified stretcher chairs are a great choice for any facility looking for quality brand name equipment at reasonable prices.

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