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Electrical Muscle Stimulators and Accessories

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Electrical muscle stimulators are among the best devices available for physical therapy and electrotherapy treatments. These devices deliver minor electrical stimulation to tense muscle areas to relieve stress and pain during therapies.

Types of Muscle Stimulators

Take a look at the kinds of electrical stimulators we have available, and decide which one is best for your practice.

TENS Stimulators

TENS Stimulators are handheld, portable stimulation devices that a patient can carry on their person at all times. The patient can control the level of the stimulus, on the advice from their caregivers. The intention of the TENS device is to relieve muscle and nerve-related issues at all times, even when not in the clinic.

Therapeutic Ultrasound Muscle Stimulators

These devices are much more complex muscle stimulators that combine the power of electrodes and ultrasound dopplers to accurately treat muscle and nerve issues. The dopplers and ultrasound monitors can detect where the problem areas are, so electrical stimulus can be applied to those areas.

Amrex offers a wide variety of muscle stimulation and ultrasound devices, with different voltage levels and types of stimuli. Some muscle stimulators are sold separately from the ultrasound components, so be sure to choose which best fits your practice needs.

Therapeutic Accessories

While size varies between the TENS and therapeutic ultrasound stimulators, there are many accessories available to keep any size stimulator running smoothly. Amrex offers a convenient cart to transport ultrasound/stimulators around a clinic, while Chattanooga promotes carrying bags to make the units even more portable outside the clinic.

Additionally, these devices need leadwires, electrodes, and various cords in order to function correctly. Take a look at the Type filters on the left to uncover the important leads, electrodes, and cords that are compatible with your particular device.

Opportunities for Deals

At MFI Medical, we know that you’re searching for the best products for your practice without breaking the bank. Take a look at our Specials page to get the latest deals and promotions from brands you trust.

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