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MFI Medical offers a variety of radiology equipment and supplies like bone sonometers, diagnostic ultrasounds, fluoroscopy stretchers, and more from brands like Sunlight, Edan, GE Healthcare, Medison, Siemens, SonoSite, SonoScape, Hausted, Stryker, and Philips.

SunTech Patient Cable

SunTech Patient Cable


Retail Price:

The SunTech Patient Cable (#91-0001-00) is a patient cable used with the SunTech Tango+ Blood Pressure Monitor. Warranty: 1 Year.

GE Ultrasound ECG Leads Connector

GE Ultrasound ECG Leads

Cables and Sensors

$98.00 - $180.00

The GE Ultrasound ECG Leads connect to patient monitors via an ECG trunk cable. These leadwires are 35" long and manufactured by Cables and Sensors...

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GE Omega Table Pad

GE Omega Table Pad

North America Mattress

$465.00 - $620.00

The GE Omega Table Pad incorporates the latest foam technology to provide you with ViscoTech, the ultimate in memory foam. This amazing foam evenly...

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