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Bovie Medical is well-known for their impressive collection of advanced medical devices and supplies, but like any other provider, they came from humble beginnings. Bovie Medical was founded in the late 1970s, kicking off their manufacturing with disposable penlights, and progressing to tubular items and a line of cauteries that launched their success. Today, Bovie Medical has evolved into setting the standard for hospital-grade electrosurgical generators and compatible add-ons. Their library of devices has expanded into serving the needs of dermatology, obstetrics and gynecology, and more.


For the treatment of skin conditions, Bovie offers a generous line of electrosurgical and cryosurgical equipment, including desiccators and smoke evacuators. Bovie's two electrosurgical generator lines are fits for small clinics (Bovie line) or OR and outpatient centers (IDS line). To keep users and patients comfortable in a smoke and odor-free environment, Bovie also offers efficient smoke evacuation machines such as the Smoke Shark II. On the other side of the spectrum are cryosurgery tools. Bovie provides Freezpoint devices, which emit -89 degree Celsius, non-flammable Nitrous Oxide for safe and effective tissue removal. MFI also carries Bovie's DermaScout II Dermatoscope, for accurate assessment and monitoring of epidermal conditions.

Obstetrics / Gynecology

For OB/GYN practitioners, Bovie carries top-quality colposcopes known as the Colpo-Master series. The Colpo-Master devices can also be purchased with add-on cameras and recording devices. The colposcopes are typically purchased with ClearSpec plastic specula with illuminators, offering users a full, clear view of the vagina and cervix.

For detecting fetal heart rates in an OB/GYN or a veterinary clinic, Bovie carries the AcuDop II Doppler system. This Doppler delivers high-quality digital sound, as well as a vascular option that detects auditory signals from blood vessels.

Medical Lighting

When it comes to energy-efficient lighting, Bovie delivers on all fronts with examination, specialty, and surgical light options. Through energy-saving LED diodes, these lights offer bright, white light without sacrificing longevity or power. Each of these lights also have a variety of configurations to fit offices or clinics of any size. Whether it's a portable floor stand, a ceiling mount, or wall attachment, these lights can fit any diagnostic or surgical setting. Bovie also offers UV lights and flexible handheld lights.

Ophthalmic Tools

When ophthalmologists need the best tools for treating superficial eye problems, there's no more reliable tool than a burr. With Bovie diamond burrs and handles of varying size, ophthalmologists can quickly treat patients in need of surgical removal or lid margin lesions.

Bovie Woods Light
Save 5%

Bovie Woods Light


Retail Price: $71.78

The Bovie Woods Light (#UV59) is excellent for detecting certain skin disorders and rape detection procedures. The unit features a fluorescent ligh...

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Bovie Mobile Stand - Complete Package

Bovie Mobile Stand


$287.37 - $486.88

The Bovie Mobile Stand is made for use with the Derm 101 (#Derm101), Derm 102 (#Derm102), Derm 942 (#A942), and Bantam PRO (#A952) Desiccators/Gene...

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