Detecto Step-On Epoxy Waste Receptacle

Medical Waste Removal

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Medical Waste Removal includes the use of trash receptacles, sharps containers, and more to properly dispose of bio-hazardous waste in a safe manner.

MFI Medical carries a variety of waste disposal supplies like waste receptacles from brands like Detecto.

Dynarex Sharps Container - 1 Gallon

Dynarex Sharps Container


$71.76 - $163.80

The Dynarex Sharps Container are designed for needles to be dropped in without touching the outside. The large openings accommodate larger syringes...

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Dynarex Emesis Bag - Blue

Dynarex Emesis Bags


$84.24 - $234.00

The Dynarex Emesis Bags make clean-up a breeze with the attached mouth ring, featuring a rim notch for a secure disposable of waste. Each bag is cl...

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Clinton Waste Can - 13 QT White Round

Clinton Waste Can


$81.63 - $172.63

The Clinton Waste Can includes two biohazard labels. Warranty: 5 Years - Limited Defects in Materials, Workmanship, or Design. Note: Stainless stee...

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