Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery

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Plastic surgery is the restoration, reconstruction, or alteration of the body through surgical treatments. These are for cosmetic purposes, whether it’s altering the body or recovering from physical trauma.

MFI Medical carries a full range of plastic surgery products, including surgical tools, fat grafting equipment, endoscopy equipment, compression garments, and more. We also carry trusted brands that you can rely on. 

Anesthesiology Equipment

Anesthesiology equipment at MFI Medical includes all the tools needed to safely administer anesthesiology during surgical procedures, including plastic surgery. Customers have access to reliable anesthesiology machines, including certified pre-owned models that have been refurbished to excellent condition.

Liposuction Aspirators

Liposuction is the surgical process of removing excess fat from parts of the body via suction. Customers will find a variety of aspiration and collection equipment available from trusted brands like HK Surgical, Medco, Wells Johnson and more. Aspirators and tubing can be used to remove the excess fat safely, and collect it in glass or plastic collection jars before being disposed of.

Fat Grafting Systems

Fat grafting is the process of removing and transferring fat from excess areas of the body to other areas of the body. This procedure is popular for lipofilling and breast treatment, and is considered better for the patient, as it uses their own tissue for procedures.


MFI Medical carries the equipment needed to perform fat grafting procedures, including syringes, racks, syringe snap locks, injection guns, and cannula. 

Endoscopy Equipment

Endoscopic equipment is any small, thin recording device that is used to look inside the body. These are typically inserted through an open cavity, such as the throat or nose, to get an interior view of an organ or other open area of the body. An endoscopy is not a treatment or surgical procedure, but rather an observational tool for physicians to get an accurate picture of the patient’s condition. From there, they can better assess and create a treatment plan with the patient.

Surgery Lights and Tables

Any plastic surgeon needs reliable, bright lighting to best treat their patients and complete procedures. MFI Medical carries versatile lighting options from Burton, which are available in three mount styles: wall mount, ceiling mount, or floorstand. These surgical lights can be adjusted easily with one hand, and are shaped in a way where the light is not obstructed by shadows. 

Post-Surgery Compression Garments

Compression garments could be considered the most important tools in a patient’s recovery from plastic surgery. They keep recovering areas of the body stable, structured, and shaped so that the body part heals correctly. Compression garments available include:

  • Abdominal Binders.
  • Arm and Back Garments.
  • Compression Bra / Breast Augmentation Wraps / Mammary Supports.
  • Compression Vests.
  • Facial Wraps / Garments.
  • Torso Garments.
  • Above Knee Compression Girdles.
  • Compression Belts.

Specials on Plastic Surgery Products

Don’t forget to swing by our Specials page to see if any deals or discounts are available for plastic surgery equipment. MFI works closely with the manufacturers you trust, including Burton, Medco, HK Surgical, Philips, Zoll and many more. Check out the Specials page frequently, as these deals can come and go throughout the year.

MFI's Choice

ConMed Hyfrecator 2000

ConMed Hyfrecator 2000


$695.00 - $870.00

The ConMed Hyfrecator 2000 includes a power up/down hand-switching pencil with 10 foot (3 m) cord. In addition, the Factory New option also include...

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Medco Abdominal Binder

Medco Abdominal Binder


$23.00 - $27.00

The Medco Abdominal Binder provides a more contoured fit after abdominoplasty or liposuction surgeries. Note: Garments are non-returnable. The Ab...

View full details
MD Compression Bra

MD Compression Bra

MD Resource

Retail Price:

The MD Compression Bra (#COMPB1) is designed to provide compression and lift to the patient recovering from breast surgery. The surgical bra provid...

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Medco Compression Bra - Beige

Medco Compression Bra


$30.60 - $32.70

The Medco Compression Bra is designed to provide proper support and compression during the post-operative process of breast augmentation surgeries....

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