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Tuttnauer specializes in sterilization and infection control products. Their products are designed using cutting-edge technology such as robotic welding for a lifetime of high quality and high speed sterilization.

One of Tuttnauer's most popular products is the EZ9 Fully Automatic Autoclave. It is an affordable unit which features the simplicity of a one touch "set it and forget it" design. The EZ9 constantly monitors temperature and pressure for greater sterilization quality control. The EZ9 includes safety features such as a double locking device which prevents the door from opening during chamber pressurization, as well as audible and visual cycle interruption alerts. These abilities set the EZ9 apart from its competitors as a small unit which doesn't skip on the features that matter.

Tuttnauer also specializes in autoclaves designed for heavy use locations such as operating rooms and large clinics. For larger scale sterilization, Tuttnauer offers the 3870EA Large Capacity Automatic Autoclave. This item is used mainly for multi-doctor practices, clinics, and surgery centers. It is the largest table top autoclave available from Tuttnauer. The unit is extremely flexible to all of your sterilization needs, with three pre-set sterilization programs and customizable cycle parameters. The 3870EA Large Capacity Automatic Autoclave also features an optional integrated printer for cycle, date, time, temperature, and pressure documentation.

The first step to a successful procedure is possessing the correct tools. Proper sterilization of one's instruments is vital to safe, ethical practice and infection control. Tuttnauer provides a solution to sterilization with affordable and efficient autoclaves and sterilizers. From the smallest clinic to the largest trauma center, Tuttnauer has sterilization solutions for all scales.

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