OB/GYN Biopsy Instruments

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When a female patient needs to have tissue samples taken for analysis, the most effective way is through a biopsy. Though the experience can often seem scary or uncomfortable for the patient, having the right tools on hand to take samples quickly is reassuring for both patient and physician. MFI carries curettes, hooks, punches, and cell samplers.

Biopsy Curettes

Curettes are tipped instruments that come in a variety of textures for removing tissue samples. A curette requires more of a scraping motion from the physician, but comes in tapered styles that allow easy entry and less trauma to the tissues.

Biopsy Hooks

As the name suggests, biopsy hooks are hooked instruments that allow better angle access to the cervix for a more clear view of the areas when taking a biopsy. The hook can also stabilize the tissue around an area that’s getting sampled, to reduce bleeding and tearing.

Biopsy Punches

Punches are handheld tools that resemble scissors and are tipped with clamps that can grasp larger tissue samples. The goal is to retrieve a large sample of tissue while minimizing trauma to the surrounding tissue or cause extreme discomfort for the patient.

Cell Samplers

A cell sampler is used to extract tissue samples from the uterine wall, using suction instead of a scraping method. These samplers can also be used to monitor hormone therapy and fertility problems in clinics.

Why Are Biopsies Necessary?

Getting a biopsy at the OB/GYN may sound like a scary concept, but a biopsy can provide loads of information that a caregiver needs to assess the health of the patient. Tissue samples from suspicious areas can give indications for diseases or cancer growths. The sooner these symptoms are detected, the quicker you can research the source and begin treatment.

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