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Why Use Postoperative Garments?

The moments after surgery are the most important during the recovery process. With postoperative garments, patients can keep pressure on the surgical areas as well as protect them from infection and contact with clothing. MFI carries a variety of these garments, including compression wraps, surgical tape, absorbent pads, braces, and straps.

Wound Care

MFI carries top-notch bandages, gauze, and surgical tape to keep surgical areas clean and protected. Top brands that MFI offers include 3M, Allied Healthcare, MD Resource, Medco, and HK Surgical. These wound care textiles range from elastic bandages to surgical tape and casting wraps, which can dress wounds and recently treated areas. These textiles can also help keep recently treated areas immobile, to ensure a faster recovery.

Compression Wraps

During the recovery process, it's important to have pressure on the surgical area to eliminate depressions on the skin. MFI carries compression wraps of all types and sizes, such as compression bras, compression vests, compression girdles, and facial wraps. In addition to providing pressure, compression garments like these can also improve body awareness such as posture, balance, and other senses.

Temperature Therapy

Hot or cold therapy can sometimes help with pain relief after surgery, so MFI carries temperature therapy compression wraps to keep the pain at bay during recovery. One example of this are the LipoBelts, which combine ice packs with velcro wraps that can be applied to any limb or area in the body.

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Medco Abdominal Binder

Medco Abdominal Binder


$23.00 - $27.00

The Medco Abdominal Binder provides a more contoured fit after abdominoplasty or liposuction surgeries. Note: Garments are non-returnable. The Abdo...

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Edan Reusable NIBP Cuff and Tube

Edan Reusable NIBP Cuff


Retail Price:

The Edan Reusable NIBP Cuff is designed for use with the M3 Vital Signs Monitor and Edan Patient Monitors, such as the iM8, iM50, iM60, iM70, and E...

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MD Spiro Nose Clip

MD Spiro Nose Clip (20/Bag)

MD Spiro

Retail Price:

The MD Spiro Nose Clip (#3304 / Bag of 20) is recommended for all types of spirometry testing.

Medco Compression Bra - Beige

Medco Compression Bra


$30.60 - $32.70

The Medco Compression Bra is designed to provide proper support and compression during the post-operative process of breast augmentation surgeries....

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MD Compression Bra

MD Compression Bra

MD Resource

Retail Price:

The MD Compression Bra (#COMPB1) is designed to provide compression and lift to the patient recovering from breast surgery. The surgical bra provid...

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