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What is a Biopsy?

A biopsy is the extraction of tissue samples and cells in order to analyze and identify cancer or other ailments. It’s generally a low-risk procedure with little to no pain, but to the inexperienced patient it can seem daunting. While CT scans and x-rays can also be used to identify cancerous areas, these imaging devices can’t distinguish them. This is why biopsies are essential when it comes to the treatment of cancer, allowing caregivers to quickly establish a treatment plan.

Types of Biopsies

Bone Marrow Biopsy

To test for diseases like leukemia or lymphoma, a bone marrow biopsy is needed to analyze the spongy tissues inside bone.

Endoscopic Biopsy

Endoscopies are procedures where an endoscope is inserted into internal organs like the bladder or colon. If a tissue sample is needed, the caregiver can also insert a biopsy tool with the endoscope and grab a sample.

Needle Biopsy

As the name suggests, a needle can be inserted in order to collect tissue, fluid, or cell samples. The needles can be of core size or a fine needle size. Occasionally, a vacuum may be used in the biopsy as well.

Skin Biopsy

This is typically reserved for skin rashes and lesions that must be tested for a diagnosis. A caregiver may use a razor, scalpel, or a biopsy punch in order to grab a sample.

Surgical Biopsy 

If tissues must be taken from an unconventional or delicate area of the body, a surgical procedure may be required. This is typically a last resort if other biopsy methods are unable to reach the area of concern.

Essential Biopsy Tools

In order to provide the best care for a wide variety of patients, it’s important that caregivers have all the biopsy tools they need at their disposal. MFI Medical carries curettes, forceps, hooks, punches, and cell samplers. MFI carries brands also carries trusted brands such as Wallach and ConMed.


Curette biopsies are reserved mostly for gynecological patients. The shape and style of curettes allows for gentle scraping of the lining of the uterus, with little to no trauma to the surrounding tissues. At MFI Medical, we carry Wallach curettes in the Novak, Townsend, London, and Kevorkian-Young styles.


This biopsy tool is a grab-and-pull design for larger tissue samples, and is also known as a “pinch” biopsy. These are typically used for thick mucus samples or larger tissue removal. 


Hooks are used during gynecological biopsies in order to stabilize the cervix and keep it secure while the sample is being extracted. The hooks are available in a variety of sizes, to allow access to the cervix. 


A biopsy punch is a different shape from the forceps. The forceps are designed to clasp or grasp a tissue sample, while a punch will take a “punch” of tissue sample to extract, similar to hole-punching a piece of paper. 

Cell Samplers

The Wallach Endocell Cell Sampler is a disposable, handheld suction device that can grab biopsy samples from the endometrium. It’s a non-traumatic form of sample retrieval that doesn’t require any cervical dilation.

Specials on Biopsy Tools

Not only does MFI Medical strives to provide the best medical equipment available, but also work with brands to bring the best prices and discounts. This includes biopsy equipment, as well as other vital medical equipment from brands you trust. Don’t leave without checking out that Specials page and be sure to check back frequently, as these deals and discounts may change throughout the year. 

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