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Fetal Dopplers and Accessories

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Fetal Dopplers and Accessories

A fetal Doppler is a hand-held ultrasound transducer that is used to detect fetal heartbeats for prenatal care. These pocket-sized devices are used by nurses, midwives, doulas, and other health care professionals.

Types of Fetal Dopplers

MFI Medical carries a full line of fetal Dopplers and accessories like transducers, ultrasound gel, probes, thermal paper, headphones, wall mounts, and more from brands such as Bistos, Edan, Huntleigh, Newman Medical, and Summit Doppler.


The most important part of a fetal Doppler is its ability to relay fetal heart rates in real time. This audio representation is incredibly helpful for assessing the health of a prenate's heart. Most fetal Dopplers have a volume-adjustable internal speaker. Some Dopplers also feature an audio output that can be connected to headphones for more private listening.


Some more advanced fetal Dopplers feature built-in recording. This is useful for detecting patterns or changes in heart rate from visit to visit. These recordings can also be transferred to a computer and saved as a memento of the pregnancy for the family. When internal recording is not available, most Dopplers also feature an audio jack which allows connection to an external recorder.

Sound Quality

Sound quality can vary depending on the Doppler, probe, and patient. Some Dopplers feature noise reduction technology that isolates the fetal heartbeat from other body sounds or interference to provide a clear audio sample. Doppler probes come in different sizes for different stages of pregnancy. Early term pregnancies, larger patients, and small prenates all require a stronger probe. Late term pregnancies produce stronger sounds and do not require such a strong probe for heartbeat detection. For help choosing a probe for your fetal Doppler, feel free to call us at (800) 633-1558.

Our Current Specials

At MFI, we work with manufacturers to get the best deals for customers and caregivers. Check out our specials page and get the latest available deals for patient monitors and accessories.

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