Unico PowerSpin LX Centrifuge

Laboratory Centrifuges and Parts

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MFI Medical carries a full range of laboratory centrifuges and parts like adapters, rotors, and tube racks from brands like Medco and Unico.

Unico Tachometer
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Unico Tachometer


Retail Price: $242.00

The Unico Tachometer (#C800-75) includes standard adhesive reflective tape, batteries, and a storage case. Warranty: 1 Year. The photo-tachometer...

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Unico 6 Place Rotor
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Unico 6 Place Rotor


Retail Price: $58.00

The Unico 6 Place Rotor (#C800-00) is designed for use with the PowerSpin FX, PowerSpin VX, and PowerSpin LX Centrifuges. Warranty: 1 Year.

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