Wallach Papette Cervical Cell Collector Brush

OB/GYN Disposable Accessories

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The Importance of Hygiene

The decision to choose between reusable products or disposable ones will be different for every practice. In the case of vital instruments, such as specula or biopsy instruments, a reusable stainless steel construction can be most beneficial. The steel keeps the instrument sturdy and easy to clean, whereas some plastic disposable options can make treatments tougher to accomplish.

Disposability is more suited for smaller accessory items intended for one-time use, such as the ones listed here. These include needles, suction tubes, collector brushes, finders, and solutions. In this case, disposable accessories may be the best choice, as it eliminates any chance of cross-contamination and can be more cost-effective and time-saving from constant cleaning.

Accessories for OB/GYN Treatments

Here are just a few examples of accessories that MFI offers for OB/GYN clinics.

Collector Brushes

Cervical cell collector brushes are used to gather a large sample of cells in a single motion, with the combination of a brush and spatula shape. These brushes are typically used for pap smear tests, to gather cells for analysis.

Procedure Trays

Disposable procedure trays make it easy to organize tools for different treatments, with little to no risk of cross-contamination. These trays make it clear which one has been used, by way of removing the seal on the package. For example, each Wallach procedure tray package includes two cartridges with 2% lidocaine and Epinephrine, endocervical block needle, Lugol’s iodine solution, Ferric subsulfate aqueous solution, underpad, panty shield, alcohol wipe, and six cotton swabs.

Suction Instruments

Treatments on the reproductive system require gentle and finite treatment, and one can imagine that it requires more precision and smaller tools to accomplish. ConMed, for example, offers a precision suction instrument which suctions blood and other fluids during abdominal surgeries or cesarean sections.

Insemination Devices

Not all couples can conceive naturally and, in cases where it’s difficult, an OB/GYN medical professional can step in to help. The insemination catheters are sterile for single-use and bypass the cervix to insert sperm manually into the uterus. The narrow shape of the catheter is designed to reduce discomfort for the female patient.

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