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Hospital and clinical care are just two parts of the equation towards healthier, happier patients. The other parts come in the form of home care, whether it’s therapy or exercise that can’t be performed in a hospital. Explore MFI’s catalog of Home Care offers and how they can help patients during any stage of recovery.

Exercise Equipment

MFI carries various exercise tools including balance boards, toning balls, rollers, gym mats, training equipment and pilates equipment to help patients regain strength or improve mobility during treatment/recovery.

Balls, boards, mats, and rollers are common tools for correcting posture while performing exercise. When combined with proper training equipment, patients can become more confident in their mobility on the road to recovery.

Recovery and Therapy

Rest is just one aspect of recovery, while another is pain management. Through methods such as hot and cold therapy, patients can feel more comfortable when they’re at rest or working through therapeutic exercises. Trusted brands, including Dynatronics, ICE20, and Chattanooga, offer heat packs and ice packs that are designed to target certain areas of the body. Through therapeutic heat or relieving cold, patients can target their pain areas and feel rejuvenated.

Stretchers and Hospital Beds

For patients that require careful transportation or a specialized bed, MFI offers a variety of stretchers and hospital beds for home use. Hospital bed brands include Hill-Rom and Stryker. When a hospital bed needs a replacement mattress, look to Birkova or North America Mattress to fill that need. MFI also offers replacement mattresses and side rails as accessory items.

Check Out the Latest Deals

MFI strives to provide top-quality new and certified medical equipment, and work closely with brands to bring you the best prices. Our Specials Page showcases the latest deals you can get from brands you trust. Be sure to visit our Specials frequently, as the deals and discounts change throughout the year.

MFI's Choice

Dynatronics Cuff Weights

Dynatronics Cuff Weight


$7.79 - $149.00

The Dynatronics Cuff Weight features a premium sewn strap design that offers soft, flexible vinyl and a medium size shot that conforms nicely to ex...

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Medco Abdominal Binder

Medco Abdominal Binder


$23.00 - $27.00

The Medco Abdominal Binder provides a more contoured fit after abdominoplasty or liposuction surgeries. Note: Garments are non-returnable. The Ab...

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MD Compression Bra

MD Compression Bra

MD Resource

Retail Price:

The MD Compression Bra (#COMPB1) is designed to provide compression and lift to the patient recovering from breast surgery. The surgical bra provid...

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