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ICE20 specializes in cold therapy products for athletes, physical therapy patients, and home use. They make ice bags and compression wraps designed to provide cold pressure to the body for twenty minutes on and twenty minutes off. ICE20's form fitting compression wraps, with thick, flexible straps and strong Velcro, provide consistent and comfortable pressure of the ICE20 bag to the body. The ICE20 Bag is a high quality, refillable, no-leak ice bag that provides an incredibly comfortable fit.

ICE20's products use real ice rather than gel packs to cool the body. Many doctors, athletes, and coaches prefer real ice over gel packs, which often use questionable chemicals and don't stay cold as long as real ice.

The Elbow/Small Knee Compression Wrap is a versatile wrap from ICE20 which can be used on the left or right elbow, forearm, wrist, biceps, triceps, calf, shin, ankle, foot, and small knees and thighs. Like all of ICE20's compression wraps, it features high quality neoprene with adjustable straps to provide comfortable, form-fitting therapy. It includes a 9" Refillable Ice Therapy Bag which keeps ice cold for maximum therapy benefits.

ICE20 also makes compression wraps specifically designed for the back, neck, shoulder, and arms. Whatever the affected area, ICE20 has an affordable and comfortable therapeutic solution available.

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