Electrosurgical Generator Buying Guide

With over 40 electrosurgical generators and even more available supplies in the MFI catalog, picking the right system for your practice can become confusing and taxing. Having to consider the accessories you will need and the condition of the equipment doesn’t need to add to your shopping stress. Before you buy a new system or upgrade your current electrosurgical generator, read this buying guide to know what you should keep in consideration when making your purchase.


Years of dependability in the surgical room have cemented several ESU brands' names in the medical lexicon. Medical professionals can find brands like Bovie, ConMed, and ValleyLab (Medtronic) in most surgery rooms, and some have become synonymous with electrosurgical procedures.

Due to the complicated nature of manufacturer structuring, over the years, brands have acquired others or merged and created new names while keeping the same quality in instrument manufacturing.

In 1926 William T Bovie created the first electrosurgical generator, the inception of the Bovie (Aaron) brand. Bovie has become synonymous with electrosurgery and is still one of the leading brands in the market. MFI Medical has a large selection of Bovie (Aaron) products, original equipment manufacturer for Arthrex, Avante, DRE, McKesson and PSS electrosurgical generators and supplies. To find a complete breakdown of models by Bovie continue reading.

CooperSurgical, a division of Cooper Laboratories, an already leading manufacturer of medical devices, was created in the 1980s, becoming an even larger leading manufacturer of medical instruments in women’s healthcare. CooperSurgical acquired Leisegang Medical, Inc in 2000 and Wallach Surgical Devices in 2007, further expanding their extensive catalogue with already established and reputable manufacturers of equipment (Leisegang was known in Europe for their cameras!). All generators by CooperSurgical and Wallach Surgical are only capable of monopolar procedures. If you are looking for an ESU that is capable of bipolar procedures, consider another brand.

Other well-known brands in the electrosurgical world include the Medtronic family of devices, Covidien and ValleyLab. Medtronic acquired Covidien in 2015 which acquired ValleyLab. Due to the reputable nature of their equipment and the years of service they provide, it is possible you can find ESU equipment and supplies with these brands combined. For example, one of the most popular ESUs among MFI customers, the ValleyLab Force FXc Electrosurgical Generator, is manufactured by Medtronic but is compatible with Covidien equipment. MFI Medical experts are here to help you; contact us today if you have questions!


We have compiled this comprehensive list of electrosurgical generators available and their respective compatible supplies to ease the process of buying a complete system. If an ESU requires specific accessories, we will detail them below as well.

Before we dig into the various types of models, ask yourself two questions.

  • What procedures am I looking to perform?
  • Do I need a low power (minor procedures) or high power generator?

If you can answer these two questions, selecting a model from the following extensive list will be easy!

We have broken down the systems by brand. If you know a brand you are interested in, feel free to jump to that section. We’ll discuss accessories and essential factors like condition and warranty at the end.

Bovie (Aaron)

Bovie’s line of electrosurgical generators and high frequency desiccators are leaders in the field of electrosurgery and are a favorite among medical professionals.

High Frequency Desiccators:

The Bovie Derm 101 and Derm 102 are 10 watt, high frequency, desiccators. These models are economical and ideal for family practices and minor in-office procedures. We recommend the Bovie Derm 102 due to its bipolar capabilities and availability. The Bovie Derm 101 is no longer manufactured (possibly available refurbished from certain retailers) and is not capable of bipolar functions. The Bovie Derm’s are Ideal for minor skin procedures such as removal of skin tags, benign lesions, and premalignant lesions. If you are looking for accessories for the Bovie Derm 101 or Bovie Derm 102 we recommend the Bovie 3-Button Power Control Pencil and the Bovie Reusable Dispersive Electrode.

For a higher frequency desiccator, Bovie has created the Bovie Derm 942 High Frequency Desiccator. At 40 watts power, the Derm 942 is capable of handling the removal of more serious skin conditions. Capable of bipolar procedures and also compatible with the same accessories as the Bovie Derm 101 and Derm 102. If you are looking for both a desiccator and an electrosurgical generator, keep reading!

Bovie Aaron Electrosurgical Generators:

Bovie Aaron Electrosurgical Generators are some of the first models created in the field of electrosurgery earning their spot as dependable surgical instruments in hospitals around the globe. The models in Bovie’s catalogue have evolved and expanded over the decades, here is a breakdown of their evolution:

First models:
Bovie Aaron 800EU, A800, and A1200 were some of the first models created by Bovie. These models are no longer manufactured but due to their dependability can be found on the market and are still compatible with new accessories such as the Bovie Reusable Dispersive Electrode and Bovie Forceps Cord - A827BP. Aaron 800EU uses the Bovie A800EU Reusable Pencil (#A801EU) while the A800 and A1200 use the same Bovie A800 & A1200 Reusable Pencil (#A801).
Next generations:
Prior to the Bovie Derm 942, Bovie’s high frequency desiccator was the Bovie Aaron A940, which was the previous version of the Bovie Aaron A900. All three models are compatible with the Bovie 3-Button Power Control Pencil (#A901), Bovie Reusable Dispersive Electrode, and the Bovie Forceps Cord - A827BP.
If you are looking for both a high frequency desiccator and an electrosurgical generator in one convenient package, Bovie has you covered! The Bovie Aaron 950 is a 60 watt super machine that is not only a high frequency desiccator but also a Bovie generator, giving you the capability to perform different types of procedures. The Aaron 950 is only compatible with the Bovie 3-Button Power Control Pencil, the Bovie Aaron A950 Reusable Metal Plate & Cord, and Bovie Aaron A950 Reusable Dispersive Electrode Connecting Cable. The Aaron 950 is the previous model to the current Bovie Bantam PRO Electrosurgical Generator. The Bantam PRO is designed to remove and destroy skin lesions and to aid the surgeon or physician in any electrosurgical cutting, blending, coagulation, fulguration, and bipolar procedures. The Bantam PRO is also available with a complete Bovie Smoke Shark II Smoke Evacuation System in a convenient package known as the Bovie Bantam PRO A952-G Electrosurgical Generator Package. Like their predecessor the Aaron A950, the Bantam PROs are only compatible with the Bovie 3-Button Power Control Pencil.
Current Models:
The following models of Bovie Electrosurgical Generators are available through MFI Medical in factory new and/or Certified Refurbished conditions. Shop online now or contact your account manager for more information.
The Bovie Aaron 1250 High Frequency Electrosurgical Generator (#A1250U) has both monopolar and bipolar functions. The Aaron 1250 features cut, blend, coagulation, and fulguration. It is the previous version of the current model, the Bovie Specialist PRO Electrosurgical Generator (#A1250S). The Specialist PRO A1250S is an affordable, multipurpose generator that delivers RF energy intended for cutting, coagulation, ablation of tissue in general, gynecologic, orthopedic, ENT, and urological procedures performed in an operating suite and procedure room. The previous Aaron 1250 is only compatible with the Bovie A1250 Forceps Cord. In another move to offer convenience, Bovie created the Bovie Specialist PRO-G OB/GYN Total System that combines the Specialist PRO package with a smoke evacuation system, necessary accessories, and the latest mobile stand technology to produce a compact, mobile system for the office or specialty facility.
The Bovie Aaron 2250 Digital Electrosurgical Generator is the previous model of the current Bovie Surgi-Center PRO Electrosurgical Generator, a mid-power system designed for the ambulatory surgical center and operating room. For a higher powered unit, the Bovie OR PRO 300 Electrosurgical Generator is the current model designed to meet all operating room procedure requirements. For gastroenterologists, the Bovie ICON Gi Electrosurgical Generator is designed for safe, user-friendly GI procedures. An innovative electrosurgical generator with fully digital implementation for use in today's modern GI suites.

ConMed (Aspen & Birtcher):

ConMed is a leader in the General Surgery, Gynecology, Gastroenterology, Laparoscopy, Cardiology and Critical Care markets. During the 1989 acquisition of Aspen Labs ConMed made its way into the electrosurgery market.

Starting with the Birtcher Hyfrecator 733, ConMed established their electrosurgical presence with an ESU that was designed for electrodesiccation, fulguration, and coagulation without cutting. This model is no longer available and evolved into the ConMed Hyfrecator PLus 7-797. You can no longer find the hand control pencil for either models, but you can still find the foot control pencil and foot control for the Hyfrecator Plus 7-797. Because of their limited availability, we recommend the following ConMed ESU model in their collection known as the ConMed Hyfrecator 2000.

The Hyfrecator 2000 is the most popular low powered unit, popular for its wide range of applications: dermatology (benign and malignant lesions), urology, gynecology, otolaryngology, ophthalmology, plastic surgery, dental/oral surgery, etc.

ConMed Hyfrecator 2000

The ConMed Hyfrecator 2000 uses the following accessories:

MPN Product
#7-900-5 ConMed Autoclavable Hand Control Pencil
#7-900-6 ConMed Autoclavable Foot Control Pencil
#7-900-4 ConMed Hyfrecator 2000 Foot Switch
#7-900-7 ConMed Hyfrecator Patient Plate

You can find all ConMed electrosurgical accessories, including electrodes, in our ConMed collection and listed in the ConMed Hyfrecator Product Catalog.

For an ESU with slightly higher power, ConMed created the Sabre 180 Electrosurgery Generator, later evolving to the ConMed Sabre Genesis. The Sabre Genesis is an entry level system versatile enough to handle a wide variety of office-based procedures with modes including pure cut, blend cut, pulse cut, coag, and bipolar.

The ConMed 2450 Electrosurgical System is an even slightly higher powered ESU that the Sabre Genesis line (its predecessor was the ConMed Sabre 2400). The 2450 Electrosurgical System is a current model by ConMed and features the same modes as the Sabre Genesis models but with higher max peak voltage allowing for a wider variety of office-based procedures.

For electrosurgical procedures in the surgery room that require a higher output, there is no other ESU by ConMed like the ConMed System 5000 Electrosurgical Unit. This system features unique settings such as fluids mode for procedures taking place in a fluid environment requiring higher output. As well as multiple bipolar modes; micro bipolar for fine and precise coagulation, macro bipolar for more energy intensive applications. Available in a convenient package that includes the generator, monopolar footswitch, and bipolar footswitch, AER defense smoke evacuator and vacuum control assembly,known as the ConMed System 5000 Electrosurgical Unit

The ConMed System 5000 followed the ExcaliburPLUS in the ConMed electrosurgical generator line, an extensive product line that over the decades has included these and other ESUs including:

CooperSurgical (Wallach Surgical)

Wallach Surgical, now a brand by CooperSurgical, manufacturers a wide range of trusted products including colposcopes, cryosurgical systems, fetal and vascular doppler systems, obstetrics systems and stainless steel instruments and disposables.

Wallach Quantum 2000 Electrosurgical Generator

The Wallach Quantum 2000 Electrosurgical Generator is discontinued and therefore no longer available factory new but due to their dependability can be found refurbished from reputable suppliers. The Wallach Quantum 2000 Electrosurgical Generator includes the Quantum 2000 Generator (#909075), a footswitch, a handswitch, and line cord. Its predecessor was the Wallach Quantum 500 which has also been discontinued by CooperSurgical.

CooperSurgical introduced the first commercial LEEP (Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure) system to the market in 1991. The CooperSurgical LEEP System 6000 was the first of the LEEP system models, later being replaced by the LEEP 1000. These systems use specific pencils and dispersive electrodes and are not compatible with electrodes from other brands. The current model by CooperSurgical is the CooperSurgical LEEP PRECISION Generator (#LP-20-120), microprocessor controlled for increased precision, accuracy, reproducibility, and safety. The current CooperSurgical LEEP generator is also available in a convenient package that includes all necessary hardware components for a procedure known as the CooperSurgical LEEP PRECISION Integrated System (#LP-10-120). This system includes the LEEP PRECISION generator with a LEEP PRECISION Smoke Evacuator (#LP-30-120), and LEEP PRECISION Cart (#LP-40-001).

Accessories such as disposable electrodes, pencils, filters, and more are sold separately to offer customers the greatest range of customization. For a complete list of compatible accessories with the CooperSurgical LEEP generator and system please visit the Integrated System Procedure Preferred Equipment List by CooperSurgical.

Medtronic (Covidien & ValleyLab)

ValleyLab Force FXc

The ValleyLab Force FXc is one of the most popular models of generators not only among MFI Medical customers but in surgery rooms worldwide. It is a current model along with the ValleyLab Force EZc Electrosurgical Generator. Both models feature Instant Response Technology that provides surgeons with improved performance at lower power settings, minimizing the risk of tissue damage and neuromuscular stimulation. The FXc is a soft touch panel while the EZc features knobs instead of soft touch buttons to adjust power. The previous model to these two generators was the ValleyLab Force 2 Electrosurgical Generator and Force 1. The ValleyLab Force 1, as well as the SSE2, SSE3 & SSE4, are older models that are not recommended due to their age and cost to repair.

For general electrosurgery needs in the office, clinic, or emergency room, the ValleyLab SurgiStat II Generator (current model by Medtronic) provides exceptional performance, reliability, and safety benefits in a compact unit. It is easy to use and can be operated with the ValleyLab E6008B Monopolar Footswitch. The ValleyLab Surgistat B is the previous model to the SurgiStat II. We recommend upgrading to the SurgiStat II due to the high cost of repair for the SurgiStat B.

ValleyLab energy platforms are intelligent pieces of equipment that are designed to enhance performance in the surgery room. The ValleyLab FX8 and FT10 Electrosurgical Generators are the newest and most current models by Medtronic. For a full-featured electrosurgical system we recommend the ValleyLab ForceTriad Electrosurgical Generator that is integrated with LigaSure Vessel Sealing Capability.

Erbe and Utah Medical

MFI Medical carries quality refurbished models from other premium brands such as Erbe and Utah Medical. Erbe’s ICC 200 Electrosurgical Unit is an economic model for all those who need no more than 200 watts of output. It features a comprehensive range of coagulation modes. Erbe is also the maker of the ICC 300, ICC 350, Vio 200 S and Vio 300 D. Although MFI does not carry these models, our team of experts is available to assist with any repairs or recommendations.

Utah medical systems are capable of monopolar functions only. They feature built-in smoke evacuator systems. The Utah Medical Finesse ESU-110 Electrosurgical Generator and Smoke Evacuation System was designed to meet the highest performance and safety standards required for loop electrosurgery procedures. The ESU-110 Generator is ideally suited to perform your office-based excision procedures.

Smoke Evacuation System

Why do I need a surgical smoke evacuation system?

Surgical smoke, or cautery smoke, is a byproduct produced during electrosurgery. A smoke evacuation system is always recommended when using an ESU due to the potentially hazardous effects surgical smoke can have on health care professionals. In addition, a smoke evacuation system will keep a clear field of vision for the procedure, prevent the cautery smoke from damaging equipment, and reduce odor. MFI Medical carries a range of smoke evacuation systems from the brands mentioned above and more. 

Bovie's Smoke Shark Smoke Evacuator (#SE01) was the first Smoke Shark model created by Bovie. It is no longer manufactured and has been replaced by the Bovie Smoke Shark II and Bovie Smoke Shark III Smoke Evacuator. The Bovie Smoke Shark III is intended for shorter procedures, less than 15 minutes. The Smoke Shark III filter provides up to 6 hours of performance and is designed for multiple, shorter procedures. In comparison, the Smoke Shark II is designed for longer procedures and features an SF35 Extended-Life Filter that offers up to 35 hours of performance.


All monopolar hand pencils (including the generator specific) are cross-compatible with reusable and disposable tips manufactured by Bovie, ConMed, CooperSurgical, and more. You can find Bipolar and Monopolar foot pedal compatibility on each generator listing.

Electrosurgical pencils are cross-compatible unless otherwise noted with the system. Our most popular electrosurgical pencils include the Bovie Reusable Push Button Pencil (#ESPR2) and Bovie Disposable Electrosurgical Push Button Pencil (#ESP1) push-button pencil. If you decide to go with reusable, we recommend buying two, so you have a backup when on needs to be replaced. The ConMed GoldVac Push Button Smoke Evacuation Pencil (#60-7510-005) is extremely popular due to its integrated hose, which can connect to any smoke evacuation system. You may need to purchase a pre-filter adapter to connect the hose to your smoke evacuator, check with the system you have or are interested in purchasing. You can find convenient accessory information in brochures under the “Literature” section of product listings (if available).

All reusable electrosurgical forceps are compatible with all forceps cables manufactured by Bovie, ConMed, CooperSurgical, and more. The Bovie Forceps Cord - A827V and ConMed Reusable Footswitching Bipolar Forceps Cable are our most popular options. These forceps cords are compatible with most systems unless noted on the generator listing. 

Return electrodes, also known as dispersive or grounding electrodes, are available in disposable and reusable options. Bovie Return Electrode Cord (reusable) and Bovie A1204 Reusable Metal Plate are the most popular reusable options. Bovie return electrodes are not compatible with ValleyLab or ConMed Generators. For ValleyLab and ConMed generators, we recommend the ConMed Reusable Dispersive Electrode Cable (#T228).

We always recommend buying two of each reusable option, so you have a backup when you need to replace them. The Bovie Disposable Split Adult Return Electrode is our most popular disposable option and is available without the cord or with an attached disposable cord. If you purchase the option without the cord, you will need to buy the Bovie Reusable Connecting Cord - ESRE/ESRS. Please note that these electrodes and cords are compatible with most systems unless indicated above and on the generator listing. You may need to slightly modify the Bovie cord connection, which attaches to the generator to connect to the ValleyLab generators.

Mobile cart, stand, and mount compatibility can be located on each generator listing.

MFI Medical Universal Medical Grade Hospital Power Cord is compatible with all of the systems above.

Condition and Warranty

All electrosurgical generators sold by MFI Medical include a warranty. Warranty length and details will depend on condition and manufacturer. For this reason, condition is a significant factor in determining the energy system right for you. You can find the warranty on each product listing under the condition. Extended warranties are also available. You may add an extended warranty to your system directly from the product listing by clicking the Add button under "Added protection for your equipment", located directly underneath the cart button. Or, purchase an extended warranty separately. 1-year parts and labor extended warranties are available for electrosurgical systems on certified refurbished and factory new configurations for $495 per additional year.

Refurbishing Policy

All certified refurbished electrosurgical generators go through the same extensive refurbishing process which includes:

  • Initial Quality Control Inspection - Our initial QC inspection consists of testing all functions with an electrosurgical analyzer, oscilloscope/calibration machine and electrical safety tester. We also review all cosmetics to determine if any parts need to be replaced.
  • Disassembly & Cleaning - The disassembly and cleaning process includes taking the machine fully apart, cleaning of the electrical boards, and sanding parts for painting. 
  • Repainting - The repainting process is so that your unit will look as new as possible.
  • Final Quality Control Inspection - The final QC inspection includes reassembly, certification and cosmetics.

MFI Medical offers repair services on all electrosurgical generators, this includes evaluation and diagnostics of the equipment. Contact us to receive a repair estimate to send in your unit for repair. Visit our warranty and services support page for prices, more information, and to request service.

Best Selling Electrosurgical Units at MFI Medical

SKU Name
1. #CNM-7-900-115 ConMed Hyfrecator 2000
2. #MFI-MDT-FORCE-FXC ValleyLab Force FXc Electrosurgical Generator
3. #MFI-BOV-A1250U Bovie Aaron 1250 High Frequency Electrosurgical Generator
4. #BOV-A1250S Bovie Specialist PRO Electrosurgical Generator
5. #MFI-MDT-SURGISTAT-II ValleyLab SurgiStat II Electrosurgical Generator




*Note: Due to the nature of manufacturer and supplier restrictions, the availability of these products may change. Our team will work closely with you to ensure we find the right medical equipment for your specific needs.