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ConMed offers a diverse range of products which span every facet of the world of medicine. In particular, ConMed specializes in Electrosurgery and Cardiology.


ConMed has a range of electrosurgical generators available at price points for every practice. The affordable Hyfrecator 2000 is one of the most popular electrosurgical generators available today. It is ideal for dermatology, urology, gynecology, plastic surgery, and many other office applications.

The Hyfrecator has low and high power settings, and can be used without a patient grounding pad. It is also highly portable, and can be wall or stand mounted. The Hyfrecator is backed by a one year warranty which can be extended if desired.

Another generator available from ConMed is the Beamer Electrosurgical Unit, an intuitive endoscopic electrosurgical platform which offers the unique ability to perform multiple therapies in one session. The Beamer has custom presets and programs which make setting up the machine a simple process. It also allows automatic adjustment of voltage spark and power which supports a more consistent and reliable cutting effect.

The Beamer can be used for highly advanced electrosurgical procedures such as polypectomy and sphincterotomy.


Besides electrosurgical generators, ConMed also offers products for cardiology and critical care. One of the first products offered by ConMed in the early days of the business were electrodes. Over the years, ConMed has improved on the original model, and now provides an extensive catalog of electrodes to satisfy the complex needs of patients and clinicians. ConMed's Cleartrace Tape Electrodes are just one of the many electrodes ConMed offers at MFI. Cleartrace Electrodes are designed with patient comfort in mind. They easily conform to the patient's body and have a pull tab for easy removal. Like many of ConMed's disposable electrodes, Cleartrace Electrodes use GEL 2000X, a proprietary gel formulation designed to minimize resistance, maintain signal quality, and adhere to the skin while avoiding irritation. They are available in convenient bulk sizes which include up to 1,000 electrodes per case.

ConMed Bipolar Cord
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ConMed Bipolar Cord


Retail Price: $150.00

The ConMed Bipolar Cord (#7-809-12) fits all hyfrecator models, including the 2000 (#7-900-115). Warranty: 6 Months. The new cord is more durable t...

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