Hospital Bed Comprehensive Buying Guide

Recovery time is crucial for a patient’s wellbeing, and the bed in which they receive care must be correct for their needs. Hospital, specialty, and long-term care beds are specifically designed to aid in a patient’s recovery and allow caregivers to provide a closer level of care. In this comprehensive buying guide, we will look at the different types of hospital beds, features to look for, the importance of different mattress types, and the top-selling models at MFI Medical.

Standard or Special Need?

Hospital beds are available in basic hydraulic models requiring little to no power to state-of-the-art electric beds with built-in computer systems. For long-term care, nursing, or residential facilities, hydraulic models may provide the necessary functions. However, for ICUs or medical facilities with patients who require more specialized care, specialty beds are needed. We recommend long-term care beds from Joerns for acute care settings such as nursing facilities or residential care. Beds such as the Joerns Care 100 Bed or the Hill-Rom Advance Hospital Bed require little power and are very user-friendly. The Advance is a dependable model by Hill-Rom that features therapeutic positioning, central brake, steering, patient and staff controls on headrails, and nurse control at the foot end. The Secure II by Stryker is another dependable model that has only improved with age. MFI Medical offers both generations of Secure II. The 2nd generation model improves upon the design and functionality features of the first generation. Easier to reach foot pedals for caregivers, more ergonomic patient handles for a safer patient exit, and quieter motors make the second generation Secure II Hospital Beds an even better choice for any home or facility. The Hill-Rom Advanta Hospital Bed (#P1600) is an excellent choice for customers looking for a user-friendly model to handle tougher patient cases. Not to be confused with The Hill-Rom Advanta 2 Hospital Bed (#P1190A) that is intended for low to moderate acuity patients in the hospital's medical/surgical area.

Hill-Rom P1900 TotalCare Hospital Bed

For facilities that have patients requiring more specialized care, such as hospitals, surgery centers, and intensive care units, we recommend specialty beds such as the TotalCare (#P1900) or CareAssist (#P1170) by Hill-Rom. Stryker, a Surgical and EMS manufacturing leader, also has similar specialty hospital beds, the InTouch Critical Care (#2131) and S3 Medical Surgical Hospital Beds

Hill-Rom's TotalCare and CareAssist hospital beds are top-sellers at MFI Medical for their numerous advantages and features that assist in the rapid recovery of intensive care patients. The TotalCare Bed features both manual and hydraulic controls with which the caregiver can easily transition the patient surface into numerous positions from either side. The manual controls allow the bed to be operated and adjusted during transport when electric power is not available. Both models are made for hospital settings and available in configurations to minimize the need for patient transfer. Optional built-in scale systems help you take weight measurements while the patient remains in bed. Customers also have their choice of therapy mattresses that address concerns such as pressure ulcers, friction, and temperature. We'll go over the different types of specialty surfaces and mattresses later on in this blog. The TotalCare (#P1900) features IntelliDrive powered transport that helps with the safe and efficient transport of patients throughout the hospital, mitigating the operator's risk of injury. The TotalCare Hospital Bed is an excellent choice for hospitals looking for a complete care transport hospital bed.

Top Features

Do you know what are your “must-have features”? What are the things that you absolutely must have in order to provide the best patient care and recovery setting in your facility? Here are 5 features to keep top of mind when shopping for a hospital bed:

  1. Adjustable Positioning: Caregivers and patients can maneuver hospital beds into various positions not only for the patient's comfort but also to provide the necessary care. Will you require a bed that only maneuvers the patient's head and legs or will the patient need to be placed into a full chair position? Fowler and gatch positioning will also vary by model.
  2. Bed Controls: Where the controls on the bed are located is an important part to consider. Will you want the patient, caregiver, or both to have access to controls? Controls to maneuver the beds can be located on the side rails, headboard, footboard, or with a control wand/pendant. Like the CareAssist (#P1170), certain models have patient entertainment controls that are only for hospital settings.
  3. Side Rails: Side rails are an important consideration when thinking about patient safety. Will need your patient to exit the bed on their own? If so, certain models like the Stryker S3 Medical Surgical Bed have side rails specifically designed to facilitate patient egress. 
  4. Built-in-scale: Facilities that will be monitoring their patients long term and require weight readings might consider a model with a built in scale configuration option such as the TotalCare (#P1900) or CareAssist (#P1170)

Mattress Type

Hospital bed mattresses differ from regular mattresses in that they must perform specific functions to aid in patient recovery. The lack of an appropriate mattress type for the patient’s recovery needs may result in further harm to the patient. All certified refurbished hospital beds sold by MFI Medical will include a standard 6” hospital-grade memory foam. Hospital-grade memory foam mattresses are intended for hospital settings; they are coated in polyurethane or another flame-retardant material that also helps when sanitizing the surface. Memory foam also gives the patient a more comfortable environment while they are cared for.

Specialty mattresses are needed when a patient will require a more extended period of care and is susceptible to pressure ulcers or friction resulting in skin rashes. The Hill-Rom Advanta Hospital Bed features the ZoneAire Mattress that automatically adjusts three zones within the mattress to the patient's weight distribution and three heel zones manually activated by the caregiver. Each zone is designed for a different purpose; pressure relief mode for patients who are assessed to be at risk for pressure ulceration, Auto Firm mode that inflates the air mattress to maximum firmness helping with patient transfers, procedures, and repositioning, and Heel Relief mode for patients who are assessed to be at risk for pressure ulceration, with particular risk to the heel area. The Hill-Rom TotalCare Hospital Bed features the P500 Therapy Surface that redistributes pressure in real-time, and one button turn assist and max inflate to help caregivers when repositioning patients. 

Stryker InTouch Critical Care Hospital Bed

Stryker’s InTouch Critical Care Hospital Bed has two different options for therapy surfaces; the XPRT Therapy Mattress and Isolibrium Support Surface. The XPRT mattress is intended to assist with pulmonary complications and prevent and treat pressure ulcers and other complications associated with patient immobility. Caregivers can change the Isolibrium Support Surface as therapies dictate.

Buying a Hospital Bed with MFI Medical

MFI Medical has a team of dedicated experts that are here to answer all of your concerns. For all questions regarding purchasing a hospital bed being delivered to a residential location, we recommend you read our Residential Hospital Bed Waiver

All hospital beds are delivered fully assembled, ready to plug in and use! No need to worry about assembly or set-up. We offer commercial and residential white-glove delivery that includes the unpacking, removal, and disposal of materials by the shipping carrier. In addition, each bed sold by MFI Medical includes a parts and labor warranty. You can be sure that your purchase is protected by the MFI Certified GuaranteeContact your account manager today for any questions about purchasing your next hospital bed. 

Here is a breakdown of all models currently sold by MFI Medical:

(For full details and specifications, please visit the respective product pages)

SKU Name Intended For Mattress Types Features Dimensions (Overall L x Maximum W) Weight Capacity Height Range (Low - High)
1 #MFI-HRM-P1600 Hill-Rom Advanta Hospital Bed All facilities Memory foam, ZoneAire Scale system available 91" x 42.75" 550 lb 16" - 33"
2 #MFI-HRM-1105 Hill-Rom Advance Hospital Bed All facilities Memory foam Auto-contour and bed exit system 93.5" x 41.5" 500 lb

Foot End: 27.5" - 41.5"


Head End: 29" - 43"

3 #MFI-SYK-3002 Stryker Secure II Hospital Bed All facilities Memory foam Available in 1st and 2nd generation, with or without scale system 93" x 42.5" 500 lb 16" - 30"
4 #MFI-HRM-P1900 Hill-Rom TotalCare Hospital Bed Hospital use only Memory foam, air mattress, P500 therapy surface Maneuvers into full chair position 91.5" x 40" Not Available 14.5" - 33.5"
5 #MFI-HRM-P1170 Hill-Rom CareAssist Hospital Bed Hospital use only Memory foam Patient controls and scale system 94" x 40" 400 lb 15.75" - 32.24"
6 #MFI-HRM-P3200 Hill-Rom VersaCare Hospital Bed All facilities Memory foam, air mattress, P500 therapy surface Scale system and IntelliDrive options available 94.5" x 40" 500 lb 18" - 37"
7 #MFI-SYK-2131 Stryker InTouch Critical Care Hospital Bed Hospital use only XPRT Pressure Support Mattress and Isolibrium Support Surface Motorized Zoom Drive option 90" x 42" 550 lb 16" - 33"
8 #MFI-HRM-P1190A Hill-Rom Advanta 2 Hospital Bed Hospital use only Memory foam, AccuMax Quantum VPC Surface, P500 Air Mattress Scale system available 100" x 40" 500 lb 15.75" - 32.5"
9 #MFI-SYK-FL28C Stryker GoBed II Hospital Bed All facilities Memory foam Complete side rail coverage with low bed height 94.25" x 40" 500 lb 14.5" 29"
10 #MFI-SYK-3005S3 Stryker S3 Medical Surgical Bed All facilities Memory foam Scale system available 95" x 41.5" 500 lb 16" - 30"



*Note: Due to the nature of manufacturer and supplier restrictions, the availability of these products may change. Our team will work closely with you to ensure we find the right medical equipment for your specific needs.