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The Hill-Rom VersaCare Hospital Bed (#P3200) is available with your choice of a new 6" Hospital-Grade Memory Foam Mattress, Hill-Rom's P500 Surface, or A.I.R. Therapy Surface.

Warranty: 90 Days - Parts and Labor.

Note: Hospital bed wand/remote is not included nor required for operation.

The VersaCare Bed combines an ergonomic design with state of the art engineering to deliver a powerful user experience. It is designed to provide excellent care, especially for mid- to high-acuity patients. It combines a host of safety-promoting, leading-edge technologies into one versatile healing system - all controlled through a simple, intuitive interface. The bed's connectivity, flexibility, and utility are just some of the reasons that the VersaCare is one of the most trusted models in the Hill-Rom product line.

When used in conjunction with a falls protocol, the Bed Exit System can help reduce patient falls related to unsupervised bed egress. The 3-Level Bed Exit Alarm with advanced sensitivity detects whether the patient is lying in bed, sitting on the edge of the bed, or is out of bed.

Hill-Rom VersaCare Hospital Bed Features

  • Easy-to-grip side rails.
  • Integrated easy to reach patient-controls allows the patient to adjust the bed to their own needs without the caregiver's assistance.
  • Fixed headboard stays the same - the optimal height for pushing.
  • Hands-free foot controls allow the caregiver to adjust the bed from any side.
  • FlexAFoot: Foot platform extender that customizes the bed length up to 12" and helps patients from sliding down the bed.
  • LowChair: Allows the patient to be placed in an upright sitting position while keeping the bed low.
  • 3-Level Bed Exit Alarm: Advanced sensitivity detects whether the patient is lying in bed, sitting on the edge of the bed, or is out of the bed.
  • VersaCare A.I.R. Surface (optional): A powered air surface designed for enhanced comfort with safeguards to assist in the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers. By integrating an advanced weight-based pressure redistribution system with bed frame features, the VersaCare A.I.R. surface provides all the benefits you need to maintain your patient's skin integrity.
    • Three independent air zones continuously adjust pressure based on patient weight and head of bed articulation.
    • One button turn assist and max inflate to help aid caregivers when repositioning patients.
    • Accommodates weight up to 500 lb.
  • P500 Therapy Surface (optional): State of the art. It not only addresses shear, friction, and pressure, but also keeps the patient cool and dry.
    • Helps to redistribute pressure, to prevent the formation of pressure ulcers.
    • Automatically adjusts to the patient's weight, size, movement, and the head-of-bed articulation.
    • Advanced Microclimate technology helps manage heat and moisture, keeping the patient's skin cool and dry and less susceptible to damage.
    • Aids in the prevention and treatment of Stage I-IV pressure ulcers.
    • X-Ray Cassette Sleeve makes thoracic X-rays quick and easy to perform.
  • IntelliDrive Powered Transport (optional): A powered system that lets staff handle the bed effortlessly. A single caregiver can easily maneuver and guide the bed.

Hill-Rom VersaCare Hospital Bed Specifications

VersaCare Bed:

  • Low Position Height: 18".
  • High Position Height: 37".
  • Surface Length:
    • Extended: 86".
    • Retracted: 75".
  • Sleep Surface Dimensions: 84" x 35.5".
  • Side Rails Width:
    • When Stowed: 37".
    • When Up: 40".
  • Overall Length:
    • Extended: 94.5".
    • Retracted: 82.5".
  • Caster Diameter: 5".
  • Weight Capacity: 500 lb.

P500 Therapy Surface:

  • Dimensions: 84" x 35.5" x 8".
  • Therapeutic Patient Weight Limit: 500 lb.
  • Weight: 45 lb.
  • Flammability: Boston IX-11, CAL 129, 16CFR1633, 16CFR1632, CAN/CGSB 4.2#27.7.
  • Air Supply:
    • Length: 13.75".
    • Width: 14.5".
    • Height: 8.5".
    • Weight: 30 lb.

Hill-Rom VersaCare Hospital Bed Configurations

Part Number Mattress Scale IntelliDrive
#MFI-HRM-P3200 Standard None None
#MFI-HRM-P3200-AIR A.I.R. Surface None None
#MFI-HRM-P3200-P500 P500 Therapy Surface None None
#MFI-HRM-P3200-ID Standard None With IntelliDrive
#MFI-HRM-P3200-AIR-ID A.I.R. Surface None With IntelliDrive
#MFI-HRM-P3200-P500-ID P500 Therapy Surface None With IntelliDrive
#MFI-HRM-P3200-SS Standard With Scale System None
#MFI-HRM-P3200-SS-AIR A.I.R. Surface With Scale System None
#MFI-HRM-P3200-SS-P500 P500 Therapy Surface With Scale System None
#MFI-HRM-P3200-SS-ID Standard With Scale System With IntelliDrive
#MFI-HRM-P3200-SS-AIR-ID A.I.R. Surface With Scale System With IntelliDrive
#MFI-HRM-P3200-SS-P500-ID P500 Therapy Surface With Scale System With IntelliDrive

Hill-Rom VersaCare Hospital Bed Certification

The Hill-Rom VersaCare Hospital Bed is certified to proper operating specifications by MFI Medical and subject to its rigorous certification process:

  • Initial Inspection: Done by a biomedical engineer to test for functionality and determine any parts that need to be replaced.
  • Disassembly: Bed is taken apart for intensive cleaning, sanding, and replacement of parts. Moving parts are lubricated and tested for proper function.
  • Intensive Cleaning: Equipment is power washed to remove any unwanted particles.
  • Repair and Replacement of Parts: Damaged or missing parts are repaired or replaced with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) replacement parts. A brand new memory foam mattress is included (certain models feature different mattresses as options).
  • Painting: Painted parts are repainted to restore equipment to like-new condition.
  • Relabeling: OEM labels are replaced with new OEM labels.
  • Reassembly: Equipment is reassembled while each part is inspected for accuracy and condition.
  • Final Certification: Bed is inspected by our biomedical technicians to ensure it meets proper operating specifications. Cosmetic condition is inspected by MFI's quality control team.

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