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The Hill-Rom VersaCare Hospital Bed (#P3200) is available with your choice of a new 6" Hospital-Grade Memory Foam Mattress, Hill-Rom's P500 Surface, or A.I.R. Therapy Surface.

Warranty: 90 Days - Parts and Labor.

Note: Hospital bed wand/remote is not included nor required for operation.

The VersaCare Bed combines an ergonomic design with state of the art engineering to deliver a powerful user experience. It is designed to provide excellent care, especially for mid- to high-acuity patients. It combines a host of safety-promoting, leading-edge technologies into one versatile healing system - all controlled through a simple, intuitive interface. The bed's connectivity, flexibility, and utility are just some of the reasons that the VersaCare is one of the most trusted models in the Hill-Rom product line.

When used in conjunction with a falls protocol, the Bed Exit System can help reduce patient falls related to unsupervised bed egress. The 3-Level Bed Exit Alarm with advanced sensitivity detects whether the patient is lying in bed, sitting on the edge of the bed, or is out of bed.


Hill-Rom VersaCare Hospital Bed Features

  • Easy-to-grip side rails.
  • Integrated easy to reach patient-controls allows the patient to adjust the bed to their own needs without the caregiver's assistance.
  • Fixed headboard stays the same - the optimal height for pushing.
  • Hands-free foot controls allow the caregiver to adjust the bed from any side.
  • FlexAFoot: Foot platform extender that customizes the bed length up to 12" and helps patients from sliding down the bed.
  • LowChair: Allows the patient to be placed in an upright sitting position while keeping the bed low.
  • 3-Level Bed Exit Alarm: Advanced sensitivity detects whether the patient is lying in bed, sitting on the edge of the bed, or is out of the bed.
  • VersaCare A.I.R. Surface (optional): A powered air surface designed for enhanced comfort with safeguards to assist in the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers. By integrating an advanced weight-based pressure redistribution system with bed frame features, the VersaCare A.I.R. surface provides all the benefits you need to maintain your patient's skin integrity.
    • Three independent air zones continuously adjust pressure based on patient weight and head of bed articulation.
    • One button turn assist and max inflate to help aid caregivers when repositioning patients.
    • Accommodates weight up to 500 lb.
  • P500 Therapy Surface (optional): State of the art. It not only addresses shear, friction, and pressure, but also keeps the patient cool and dry.
    • Helps to redistribute pressure, to prevent the formation of pressure ulcers.
    • Automatically adjusts to the patient's weight, size, movement, and the head-of-bed articulation.
    • Advanced Microclimate technology helps manage heat and moisture, keeping the patient's skin cool and dry and less susceptible to damage.
    • Aids in the prevention and treatment of Stage I-IV pressure ulcers.
    • X-Ray Cassette Sleeve makes thoracic X-rays quick and easy to perform.
  • IntelliDrive Powered Transport (optional): A powered system that lets staff handle the bed effortlessly. A single caregiver can easily maneuver and guide the bed.


Hill-Rom VersaCare Hospital Bed Specifications

VersaCare Bed:

  • Low Position Height: 18".
  • High Position Height: 37".
  • Surface Length:
    • Extended: 86".
    • Retracted: 75".
  • Sleep Surface Dimensions: 84" x 35.5".
  • Side Rails Width:
    • When Stowed: 37".
    • When Up: 40".
  • Overall Length:
    • Extended: 94.5".
    • Retracted: 82.5".
  • Caster Diameter: 5".
  • Weight Capacity: 500 lb.

P500 Therapy Surface:

  • Dimensions: 84" x 35.5" x 8".
  • Therapeutic Patient Weight Limit: 500 lb.
  • Weight: 45 lb.
  • Flammability: Boston IX-11, CAL 129, 16CFR1633, 16CFR1632, CAN/CGSB 4.2#27.7.
  • Air Supply:
    • Length: 13.75".
    • Width: 14.5".
    • Height: 8.5".
    • Weight: 30 lb.


Hill-Rom VersaCare Hospital Bed Configurations

Part Number Mattress Scale IntelliDrive 3 Level Bed Exit Alarm
#MFI-HRM-P3200 Standard None None None
#MFI-HRM-P3200-AIR A.I.R. Surface None None None
#MFI-HRM-P3200-P500 P500 Therapy Surface None None None
#MFI-HRM-P3200-ID Standard None With IntelliDrive None
#MFI-HRM-P3200-AIR-ID A.I.R. Surface None With IntelliDrive None
#MFI-HRM-P3200-P500-ID P500 Therapy Surface None With IntelliDrive None
#MFI-HRM-P3200-SS Standard With Scale System None Included
#MFI-HRM-P3200-SS-AIR A.I.R. Surface With Scale System None Included
#MFI-HRM-P3200-SS-P500 P500 Therapy Surface With Scale System None Included
#MFI-HRM-P3200-SS-ID Standard With Scale System With IntelliDrive Included
#MFI-HRM-P3200-SS-AIR-ID A.I.R. Surface With Scale System With IntelliDrive Included
#MFI-HRM-P3200-SS-P500-ID P500 Therapy Surface With Scale System With IntelliDrive Included

Customer Reviews

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Norman P. (Pennsylvania, United States)
Designed by the Marquis De Sade

This bed with the A.I.R. Technology mattress is the single most uncomfortable bed I have ever have laid upon. The mattress constantly inflates and deflates and reminds me of a 1970’s water bed that is under filled by a hundred gallons. I have a bad back and this anti-ulcer mattress/bed that feels like laying upon a body bag filled with #9 coal and grape jelly has brought me to tears. Additionally even with the bed fully extended the bed/mattress is far to short for my 6’4” height which results in my feet beings flat against the bed board. The constant inflation and deflation of the mattress has in 24 hours has resulted in me not sleeping or dozing more than a hour at a time and then only from pure exhaustion while in excruciating pain from not only my back just generally aching but also from muscle spasms in my back and neck. I understand that at 6’4” and 430 pounds I am out of the realm of being normal size but “hospital beds” should at the very least not cause a patient further pain and discomfort. I cannot stress how much I loathe this bed and highly recommend not getting the AIR Technology mattress unless of course you wish to be in pain or cause someone else to be in pain from lying upon one