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The ConMed System 7550 ABC ESU (#60-7550-120) is in excellent condition and certified to proper operating specifications.

Warranty: 90 Days - Parts and Labor.

The System 7550 is a fully functional electrosurgical generator with the added benefit of Argon Beam Coagulation (ABC) technology. The System 7550 with ABC Technology allows physicians to bring the art of surgery to new levels. By utilizing this full-powered electrosurgical generator featuring argon beam coagulation, surgeons are able to achieve rapid hemostasis resulting in:

  • Reduced blood loss.
  • Reduced surgical time.
  • Reduced surgical plume.

Because of its powerful capabilities, surgeons prefer this electrosurgical generator in a number of procedures including open, laparoscopy, and gastroenterology.

ConMed System 7550 ABC ESU Features

  • Remote power control.
  • Pulse cut.
  • Programmable specialty modes.
  • Patient safety precautionary features.
  • Clinical results.

ConMed System 7550 ABC ESU Accessories

The System 7550 ABC ESU is compatible with the following accessories:

  • ConMed Bend-A-Beam Single Function Malleable ABC Hand Control Handpiece:
    • #134003: 3" (7.6 cm).
    • #134006: 6" (15.2 cm).
    • #134009: 9" (22.8 cm).

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