Teca Synergy N2 EMG Machine - Certified Pre-Owned

by Nicolet
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Condition: Certified Pre-Owned

Warranty: 1 Year

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The Teca Synergy N2 EMG Machine includes a laptop computer (Intel i5 Processor, 15.6" HD display) loaded with Windows software, Teca Synergy Patient Interface Unit (#035C015), Speaker/Power Module (#070C001), 2 channel amplifier, nerve conduction stimulator, E-Stim, Aux E-stim, and interconnecting cables for the above components. It is certified by MFI Medical to proper operating specifications and in excellent condition.

Warranty: 1 Year - Parts and Labor.

The TECA Synergy N2 weighs just 10 lbs. A single control unit plugs in to a notebook-PC for EMG.

It features longer LivePlay giving you 360 seconds on two channels of EMG.

The 2 channel TECA synergy N2 comes with NCS, routine EMG, SEP, and Microsoft Word reporting software.

The Synergy N2 will save you time and optimize patient results during examinations. In the clinic or traveling between sites, TECA Synergy N2 EMG gives you great 2 channel testing capability.

The TECA Synergy N2 EMG Machine comes with Microsoft Office as standard. This includes Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Access. The machine is network-ready with Microsoft Windows.

Teca Synergy N2 EMG Machine Features

  • Portability and Flexibility:
    • The Teca Synergy N2 consists of just two components: a lightweight notebook PC and includes plinth, amplifier, probe inputs, stimulator, and dedicated controls.
    • Customized instrument settings for each test/nerve, which can be changed on the fly.
    • Unique on-screen monitor trace checks signal quality before stimulating a patient.
  • Fast Testing:
    • Protocol Wizard: Stored protocols which can also be changed on the fly.
    • Patient Side Controls: No more stretching from instrument to patient.
    • Continuous Monitor Trace alongside Acquisition Screen: Provides fast visual checks on signal quality.
    • Automated Marking Algorithms: Saves time placing markers and giving faster results.
  • Nerve Conduction Studies: Motor Nerve Conduction, Sensory Nerve Conduction, Combined Motor and Sensory Nerve Conduction, F Wave, H Reflex, Sympathetic Skin Response, Inching, Blink Reflex.
  • Neuromuscular Studies: Repetitive Nerve Stimulation.
  • EMG Studies: All TECA Synergy N2 EMG Machine packages include:
    • LivePlay: Instant replay of EMG waveforms with audio; review and analysis up to 360 seconds of continuous EMG.
    • LongTrace: Display for sampling, review, and analysis of extended interference pattern recordings.
  • Needle EMG Studies: Free running, triggered, superimposed, rastered, Single MUAP.
  • Quantitative EMG Studies*: Multi Motor Unit Analysis and Interference Pattern (Turns and Amplitude, FFT, Experts Quantitative Interference Pattern Analysis).
  • Single Fiber EMG Studies*: Triggered and Stimulated SFJ, Fiber Density, Macro EMG tests.
  • SEP Studies: All packages include: Upper and lower limb SEP, DSEP.
  • Faster Data Review:
    • Unique AutoCompare function for instant left and right comparisons.
    • Unique LivePlay feature stores up to 360 seconds of live EMG data so you can replay and analyze even in other tests.
    • Full screen view for easier review at the double click of a button.
  • Faster Reporting:
    • Fast, on-line reporting available during testing - add comments as you go along.
    • Flexible Microsoft Word-based Machine allows you to customize your reports - you can even add the logo of your clinic or hospital.
    • Auto-text for rapid summaries where reporting is standard.
    • Transfer selected traces and add comments while in the acquisition screen.

Teca Synergy N2 EMG Machine Configurations

  • #MFI-NCL-N2-BASIC-XP: Windows XP software plus basic nerve conduction stimulator.
  • #MFI-NCL-N2-DELUXE-XP: Windows XP software plus deluxe nerve conduction stimulator.
  • #MFI-NCL-N2-BASIC-7: Windows 7 software plus basic nerve conduction stimulator (EMR compatible by exporting/importing through PDF).
  • #MFI-NCL-N2-DELUXE-7: Windows 7 software plus deluxe nerve conduction stimulator (EMR compatible by exporting/importing through PDF).

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