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The ADC Metalite Reusable Penlight features aluminum housing and is locking push toggle activated by the plunger power switch. This penlight includes two "AAA" batteries and is available in four styles.

Warranty: 1 Year.

Note: This item is available in either standard or retail display packaging.

ADC Metalite Reusable Penlight Features

  • Inspected, and packaged in the U.S.A.
  • Available in four different colors:
    • Silver (#352) / Display Packaging (#352Q).
    • Black (#352BK) / Display Packaging (#352BKQ).
    • White (#352W) / Display Packaging (#352WQ).
    • White with Pupil Gauge (#352WP) / Display Packaging (#352WPQ).
  • Also available to order in a cylinder of 22 penlights:
    • Silver 22/Cylinder (#352CYL).
    • Assorted Colors 22/Cylinder (#352AST).

ADC Metalite Reusable Penlight Specifications

  • Penlight Length: 5.75" (14.6 cm).
  • Penlight Diameter: 0.5" (1.27 cm).

ADC Metalite Reusable Penlight Literature

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ADC Penlight Brochure

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