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The SleepSense Limb Movement Sensor Kit includes two elastic ankle bands (# 1730) and your choice of one or two Limb Movement Sensors with safety DIN connectors (# 1770).

Warranty: 1 Year - Free of Defects in Materials and Quality Workmanship.

SleepSense Limb Movement Sensors are strategically strapped to the foot to monitor limb movements. The design includes a built-in, non-linear network that attenuates strong signals much more than weak signals, resulting in a compressed view of the signal.

Note: SleepSense items are for professional use only, and are for sale by or on the order of a physician only.

SleepSense Limb Movement Sensor Kit Features

  • Limb Movement Sensor:
    • Provides a clear, artifact-free, qualitative indication of movements.
    • Optimal positioning on the tendons ensures exceptional sensitivity.
    • Easy to apply.
    • Comfortable for the patient.

SleepSense Limb Movement Sensor Kit Configurations

  • 1770-Kit: Includes one Limb Movement Sensor.
  • 1772-Kit: Includes two Limb Movement Sensors.

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