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The Chattanooga brand has been leading the physiotherapy world for the past 60 years, providing comprehensive, real-world solutions that help patients and caregivers to work at their most adept capacity. Chattanooga is innovative in the latest physical therapy devices and units, such as electrotherapy, treatment tables, and rehabilitation equipment for all areas of the body.

Rehabilitation Equipment

Chattanooga offers a wide variety of therapy and rehabilitation equipment to properly move and care for different parts of the body during recovery. The Optiflex units for the knee, ankle, and shoulder help in restoring natural movement in those joints, and additional accessory kits keep the unit comfortable for the patient. Electrotherapy devices can pinpoint deep tissue areas that need stimulation treatment, and Chattanooga can provide stationary, mobile, and portable electrotherapy units.

Treatment and Traction Tables

Chattanooga is also well-known for their catalog of adjustable and fixed treatment tables, many with multiple independent sections that can safely and comfortably move patients into proper position for treatment.

The ADP 300 and ADP 400, and TTFT-200 and TTET-200 Traction Tables can be equipped with convenient handswitches or footswitches, allowing for easy adjustment without disturbing the patient too much.

The treatment tables available include Montane’s many styles, with models that range from two sections to as many as five adjustable sections. These multi-sectioned tables can be arranged in an impressive number of positions to reach areas of the body for treatment. They’re also cushioned and comfortable with a weight capacity between 330 lb and 450 lb.

Minding the Body

The Hydrocollators and ColPac Freezers are essential for any clinic that needs to provide heat packs and cold packs rapidly throughout the day. These two devices can store a multitude of packs, keeping them at the optimal temperature they need.

Chattanooga also manufactures various garments, including wraps, supports, and expanders. Patient support is key during the therapy process and Chattanooga delivers reliable, stable support to assist patients in their recovery.

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