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For over 80 years, Amrex has been providing long-lasting, top-quality electrotherapy and ultrasound equipment for the physical therapy field. Since their introduction of the Portable Short Wave unit in 1935, Amrex has continued to expand and innovate their patient-friendly clinical units and portable devices.

Today, Amrex not only offers advanced electrotherapy and ultrasound therapy units, but also offers them in convenient combination packages with accessories. Caregivers have access to well-rounded complete packages that address any challenge for patients of all physical therapy needs.

Ultrasound Units

Amrex's collection of ultrasound devices allow users to provide concentrated treatment for the deep tissues of the body, including tendons, muscles, and ligaments. Customers have a choice between four different types of transducers: standard, standard QuickConnect, small QuickConnect, or a combination of both small and standard QuickConnect transducers.

There are two types of ultrasound units available, the U/20 Portable Ultrasound and SynchroSonic U/50. The U/20 is considered more economical and portable around a clinic, while the U/50 contains advanced features with a more stationary system. Both models are also compatible with wall mounts, keeping them within reach in tight clinic spaces. In addition, Amrex offers portable electrotherapy TENS units for therapy on-the-go (see "TENS Units" below).

Electrotherapy Units

Amrex offers an impressive array of electrotherapy units, with a variety of features, ranges of stimulation, power, and more. What's even more unique are that these units can be easily paired with Amrex ultrasound units for complete combination therapy.

MFI Medical Equipment carries the following Amrex electrotherapy units:

TENS Units (Portable Therapy)