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The Amrex SynchroSonic U/50 Ultrasound includes:

  • Conductance and Coupling Gel (#02-OCG-01).
  • Hospital Grade Power Cord (#27-PCH).

Warranty: 2 Years - Parts and Labor (Generator) / 1 Year - Parts and Labor [Transducer(s)].

Note: This unit is for professional use only, and is for sale by or on the order of a practitioner only. Prescription required for patients.

The SynchroSonic U/50 provides the widely used therapeutic modality of ultrasonic diathermy. Therapeutic ultrasound may be applied separately through the ultrasound transducer or combined simultaneously using an external electrical stimulator such as the Amrex MS324A for combination therapy.

The new Cable Fault Alarm system detects improper transducer connection and/or cable damage providing a safety shutdown feature. If a detection is made, an audible signal will alert the practitioner.


Amrex SynchroSonic U/50 Ultrasound Features

  • Transducer protection switch.
  • Cable Fault Alarm system.
  • Treatment Timer: 0 to 30 minutes adjustable.
  • Interrupted output.
  • CSA Approved.
  • UL Listed.
  • Combination therapy capability.

Soundhead Features and Options:

All Amrex ultrasound transducers are lightweight, ergonomically designed, and sealed for underwater therapy.

Amrex offers two soundhead faceplate sizes: the standard 2.25" diameter faceplate or the optional, small 1.5" diameter faceplate. The Amrex QuickConnect transducer cable system is optional with the standard soundhead. It is provided with the small soundhead or the dual standard/small soundhead on all Amrex ultrasound equipment.


Amrex SynchroSonic U/50 Ultrasound Specifications

  • Input Power Requirements:
    • Line Voltage: 120 VAC, 60 Hz.
    • Current: 1.0 A.
    • Line Leakage: < 50 µA.
  • Ultrasonic Generator:
    • Frequency: 1.0 MHz ± 5%.
    • Waveform: Amplitude modulated at 120 MHz ± 1%.
    • Pulse Duration: 8 ms ± 1%.
    • Output Mode: Adjustable interrupted and non-interrupted.
    • Output Power: 0 to 20 W total ± 20% / 0 to 5 W/cm2 ± 20%.
    • Temporal Peak/Temporal Average Intensity: 2.8:1 ± 20%.
  • Applicator (Transducer):
    • Crystal Material: Barium titanate.
    • Applicator Beam Type: Collimating.
    • Frequency: 1.0 MHz ± 5%.
    • ERA (Effective Radiating Area): 4 cm2 ± 20%.
    • BNR (Beam Nonuniformity Ratio): 5.5:1 maximum.
  • Dimensions: 11" (D) x 11.5" (W) x 7" (H).
  • Weight: 12 lb (5.4 kg) including transducer.
  • Shipping Weight: 17 lb (7.7 kg).


Amrex SynchroSonic U/50 Ultrasound Transducers

  • #01-U50-ST: Standard.
  • #01-U50-STQC: Standard QuickConnect.
  • #01-U50-SMT: Small QuickConnect.
  • #01-U50-BQCT: Standard QuickConnect and Small QuickConnect.

The standard transducer is hard-wired to the machine, while the QuickConnect transducers are removable.


Amrex SynchroSonic U/50 Ultrasound Accessories

The following accessories are compatible and commonly purchased with the SynchroSonic U/50 Ultrasound:

  • Conductance and Coupling Gel:
    • #02-OCG-01: Single.
    • #02-OCG-12: Case of 12.
  • #04-SCC: Soft Carrying Case.
  • #09-WB: Wall Mount Bracket.
  • #27-PCH: Hospital Grade Power Cord.


Amrex SynchroSonic U/50 Ultrasound Literature

Amrex SynchroSonic U/20-U/50 Portable Ultrasound Brochure

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