The Top 3 EMG Systems: Cadwell vs TECA vs Xltek - 2022 Updated

With so many different systems and so many different brands, choosing the right EMG system for your practice can feel overwhelming. Three of the most well regarded names in the EMG field are Cadwell, TECA, and Xltek, and at MFI Medical we carry several EMG options from these top-of-the-line brands to help make your choice a little easier. Today we’re going to dive a little deeper and break down the top two systems from these brands to make sure you have all the info you need to find the EMG that’s right for you.


Cadwell Sierra II Wedge EMG System

The Sierra II Wedge is available in two different configurations - 2-Channel and 4-Channel with Evoked Potentials. Designed to take full advantage of the Windows operating system, this state-of-the-art EMG features:

  • Custom keyboard for convenient one-button access to important test controls. 
  • 4-Channel configuration Includes protocols for EMG, NCV, F Wave, H-Reflex, RNS, and Blink Reflex, plus the complete range of somatosensory, auditory, and visual evoked potentials testing.
  • Traces, including EMG, tabulated measurements, patient information, findings, conclusions, and comments can all be part of a generated report.  

Extremely portable (the base unit weighs just 6 lb), the Sierra II Wedge is an innovative neurodiagnostic instrument that utilizes a high performance laptop running the software. As an added bonus optional auditory, visual, and electrical evoked potential stimuli capabilities are available to expand the functionality.

Cadwell Sierra Wave EMG

Similarly, the Cadwell Sierra Wave EMG is also available in two different configurations - 2 Channel and 4 Channel with Evoked Potentials. Key features include:

  • 2 or 4 channel amplifier with eMG, NCV, F Wave, H-Reflex, RNS, Blink, Somatosensory Evoked Potentials, Autonomic Studies, and customizable Report Generation using Microsoft Word.
  • Utilizes a unique StimTroller which reduces testing time by providing commonly used functions on the remote handheld stimulator.

Advanced options include Single Fiber EMG, MUP Analysis, Interference Pattern Analysis, MUNE, Auditory and Visual EPs, and P300.


TECA Synergy N2 EMG Machine

Compatible with Windows 10 software, the Synergy N2 EMG is available as a Basic Stimulator or a Deluxe Stimulator. Capable of saving you time, while optimizing patient results during examinations, this innovative machine can be used in the clinic or traveling between sites.

  • Provides great 2-channel testing capability.
  • Weighing just 10 lb, a single control unit plugs into a notebook-PC for EMG.
  • Longer LivePlay gives you 360 seconds on two channels of EMG.
  • Nerve Conduction Studies: Motor Nerve Conduction, Sensory Nerve Conduction, Combined Motor and Sensory Nerve Conduction, F Wave, H Reflex, Sympathetic Skin Response, Inching, Blink Reflex.

Comes with a Dell E5540 laptop computer (Intel i5 Processor) loaded with Windows software, TECA Synergy Patient Interface Unit (#035C015), Speaker/Power Module (#070C001), 2 channel amplifier, nerve conduction stimulator, and interconnecting cables for the above components.

TECA Synergy T2X NCS EMG Machine

Available with a desktop and cart or a plinth laptop with no cart, the Synergy T2X NCS EMG is also compatible with Windows 10 software. A compact and complete system for your 2-channel NCS, EMG, and SEP needs, the patient side controls and deluxe stimulator speed up testing making it more comfortable for both doctor and patient. It comes with a computer loaded with Windows software (desktop configuration includes LCD monitor, keyboard, and mouse), 2-channel amplifier, deluxe nerve conduction stimulator, control panel, interconnecting cables for above components, foot pedal, and a mobile cart. For added convenience it’s delivered ready to go with NCS, routine EMG, SEP, and Microsoft Word reporting software.


Xltek NeuroMax 1002 EMG

Specially designed with a light-weight, “ruggedized” chassis without any electromechanical moving parts to provide one of the most durable EMG devices around, the NeuroMax 1002 is focused on signal quality and clinical efficiency. Delivers clean, stable EMG baselines and features SSAR (Smart Shock Artifact Rejection) to ensure virtually instantaneous recovery from stimulus artifact in a stimulated test. Plus, for added convenience the NeuroMax 1002 allows you to automatically save data to a fully customizable report, which can be printed on a standard printer or transferred via USB to a Windows PC for additional analysis and review. It’s even sold with USB ports for easy archiving to flash drives. The USB drive can be used with a 2 GB flash stick for archiving data, making storing and organizing patient data much easier and up-to-date.

Xltek NeuroMax 1004 EMG

Featuring multiple modalities: SSEP, AEP, VEP Blink Reflex and MUNE, Autonomic Testing (SSR, HRV), Multi-channel EMG, Multi-channel NCS, Free Run and Rastered EMG, Single and Dual Triggered EMG, Automated M.U.P. and Recruitment Analysis, SFEMG and Power Spectrum Analysis, the NeuroMax 1004 is one of the most versatile EMG’s available today. It comes with a 4-channel amplifier, nerve conduction stimulator, and interconnecting cables, and now each unit is now sold with USB ports for easy archiving to flash drives. Much like the 1002, the USB drive can be used with a 2 GB flash stick for archiving data, making storing and organizing patient data much easier and up-to-date.

Supplies and Accessories

At MFI Medical you can enhance these state-of-the-art systems even further thanks to our extensive selection of EMG EP supplies that are guaranteed to help make sure you’re getting the most out of your system for years to come. Those accessories include products like the, Technomed Disposable Concentric EMG Needle Electrode, Technomed Disposable Adhesive EMG 4-Disk Surface Electrodes, MFI Medical Paired EMG Disc Electrodes, Parker Signagel Electrode Gel, and more.

And now that you know a little bit more about the best available brands and their EMG systems, you’re ready to invest in one of the top-quality models available at MFI Medical. Visit our specials page to take advantage of current promotions or contact one of our industry experts at (800) 633-1558 if you have any further questions.


Editor’s Note: Information, prices, and products are subject to change. Please visit product listings or contact MFI for most up to date information.