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The Zoll ResQCPR System (#12-0825-000) is a CPR supplement consisting of two synergistic devices: the ResQPOD ITD 16 (#12-0822-000 / 2 per Box) and ResQPUMP ACD-CPR Device (#12-0823-000 / 1 per Box). Used together, these devices improve blood flow to the brain and vital organs. This kit also includes two suction cups.

Warranty: 90 Days - Free from Defects in Material and Workmanship.

Note: Carrying Case (#12-0935-000) sold separately.

The ResQPUMP allows the rescuer to perform active compression-decompression CPR, which promotes complete and active chest recoil. When the ResQPOD ITD 16 is combined with the ResQPUMP, the result is a synergy that provides an even greater vacuum in the chest, lowering ICP and improving preload and cardiac output even further.

Zoll ResQCPR System Features

  • Only CPR device with an FDA-approved indication to improve the likelihood of survival.
  • Only CPR device FDA-approved to provide ACD-CPR with 10 kg of re-expansion force.
  • Promotes high quality CPR by providing guidance on critical ResQCPR quality parameters.
  • Compact, lightweight, and easy to store/transport.
  • Can be used by both basic skilled and advanced skilled life support personnel.
  • Ideal first line therapy option that complements automated CPR.

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