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CooperSurgical is a well-known provider of clinical products centered around women and their comfort through various stages of their lives. From exams to pregnancy, CooperSurgical has the innovative tools to help healthcare providers accurately and efficiently treat female patients.


Colposcopes are essential tools for examinations and diagnosis in OB/GYN clinics. CooperSurgical colposcopes are designed with precision, quality, and long-lasting performance. The colposcopes contain a design combination of optics, including 3-step magnification and convergent optical beams. They are also equipped with powerful LED lighting for clarity during examinations.

CooperSurgical's collection of Leisgegang Optik colposcopes come in a variety of configurations, including models with cameras, rolling stands, and swing stands. These configurations allow for caregivers to maneuver the colposcope as needed around an office or clinical space.

Fetal Monitoring

CooperSurgical is also proud to offer the F9 Fetal Heart Monitor, which combines ultrasound and ergonomics to accurately monitor the fetus during development or labor. The F9 Fetal Monitor contains a 12-inch color touchscreen that is capable of monitoring twins with two 12-crystal, wide-beam 1 MHz waterproof transducers. In addition, the monitor has the added feature of Signal Overlap Verification to differentiate the heart rate of the mother from the fetus. It also is capable of auto fetal movement detection and activates audible alerts to sudden changes during examination, along with event markers.

This fetal monitor is not only mobile, but also can store 24 hours of data before transfer. With transfer to personal devices, readings can be used for study, analysis, diagnosis, or patient records. The monitor itself has CooperSurgical Insight Software with EMR compatibility.


The LEEP PRECISION Integrated System is an enhanced electrosurgical station available with a smoke evacuator, generator, and mobile cart for easy transport around a clinic or office space. The LEEP PRECISION Integrated System is a convenient electrosurgical and evacuator unit that functions manually in conjunction with hand or foot activation. The smoke evacuator is also efficient enough to clear 99.99% of odors, keeping your treatment space clean and comfortable for patients.

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