Choosing the Right Transport Stretcher: Comparing Stryker and Hillrom Options from MFI Medical

In the medical field, patient comfort and safety are paramount. Choosing the right transport stretcher is critical for providing optimal care and ensuring a smooth patient experience.

What is a stretcher used for?

A stretcher is used for moving patients who are unable to move on their own and require medical care. A basic type of stretcher is carried by two or more people. However, with the perpetual technological advancements, there are now available stretchers that are equipped with added features and have reduced the hassles for healthcare providers. 

MFI Medical offers a wide range of high-quality transport stretchers from industry-leading brands such as Stryker and Hillrom. This blog will compare four popular models: the Stryker M-Series Transport Stretcher, the Stryker Prime Series Stretcher, the Hillrom P8000 Procedural Stretcher, and the Hillrom P8005 Transport Stretcher. Let’s get started.

1. Stryker M-Series Transport Stretcher

Stryker M-Series Transport Stretcher - MFI Medical

The Stryker M-Series Transport Stretcher is an excellent choice for medical professionals seeking durability, reliability, and ease of use. This stretcher features a 700 lbs weight capacity, making it suitable for patients with heavily built bodies. The Dual Cylinder Pneumatic Backrest offers easy adjustment for patient comfort, reducing manual work. And the four-wheel steel-ring brakes provide secure and steady positioning.

2. Stryker Prime Series Stretcher

Stryker Prime Series Stretcher - MFI Medical

The Stryker Prime Series Stretcher is another top-of-the-line option from Stryker, designed to meet the demands of fast-paced medical environments. This stretcher boasts a generous 700 lbs weight capacity. It features the exclusive StayPut™ Retention System, which prevents patients from sliding during transport. The Zoom™ Motorized Drive System reduces the effort required by healthcare professionals to move the stretcher. It ensures smooth and efficient transport. The Prime Series Stretcher includes additional features, like an integrated storage system for oxygen cylinders, IV poles, and other essential equipment.

3. Hillrom P8000 Procedural Stretcher

Hillrom P8000 Procedural Stretcher - MFI Medical

The Hillrom P8000 Procedural Stretcher is designed for flexibility and efficiency in various clinical settings, making it ideal for transport and treatment. This stretcher can accommodate patients with a weight capacity of 500 or 700 lbs. The hydraulic height adjustment offers smooth and precise positioning, adding convenience for healthcare professionals. The one-handed side rail release simplifies patient transfers. The Hillrom P8000 also includes an integrated utility tray and oxygen bottle holder, providing easy access to essential equipment and care during transport.

4. Hillrom P8005 Transport Stretcher

Hillrom P8005 Transport Stretcher - MFI Medical

The Hillrom P8005 Transport Stretcher is a reliable and versatile option for medical professionals. With a 500 or 700  lbs weight capacity, this stretcher is suitable for most patients. The pneumatic backrest offers easy positioning and adjustment for patient comfort, while the Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg controls facilitate quick changes in patient positioning. The P8005 Transport Stretcher also includes a retractable fifth wheel that improves maneuverability and an integrated oxygen cylinder holder for added convenience.


When choosing a transport stretcher, it's essential to consider factors such as weight capacity, maneuverability, and features that enhance patient comfort, safety, and care. Stryker and Hillrom offer high-quality options catering to various needs and preferences. The Stryker M-Series and Prime Series Stretchers provide exceptional durability and advanced features, while the Hillrom P8000 and P8005 Stretchers offer flexibility and efficiency in various clinical settings. Ultimately, the choice depends on your specific requirements and priorities. Visit MFI Medical, and get the right transport stretcher for your facility.