At MFI, we understand the challenges our customers face when purchasing medical equipment or supplies. From tight budgets to quick turnarounds, we do our best to provide you with an easy and efficient checkout process when shopping for medical equipment and supplies.

We pride ourselves on providing unrivaled customer service while also having the best prices on medical equipment and supplies. Our product team monitors the market on a regular basis and updates product prices to ensure that we are providing the lowest possible prices on the medical products in our catalog.

In addition to our already low prices, here are a few simple steps you can take to save even more on medical equipment and supplies:

1. Check Our Specials Page

We're always running special promotions on selected collections from our catalog. Additionally, our manufacturers run quarterly promotions on certain items as well. All of these active promotions can be found on our promotions page.

Take advantage of these special offers to save even more money on medical equipment and supplies by visiting our specials page!

mfi medical promotions page

2. Purchase Certified Pre-Owned Models

At MFI, we understand that the high cost of medical equipment can be financially draining for medical practices. Which is why you will find that we have one of the largest catalogs of certified pre-owned medical equipment in the market.

To ensure that our certified pre-owned equipment meets the highest standards in operation and functionality, all equipment undergoes our rigid certification process before being listed on our site. Additionally, we back all of our certified pre-owned equipment with a warranty, so you can rest assured knowing that MFI's certified pre-owned medical equipment comes with the support from the MFI team our customers know and trust.

3. Place Bulk Orders

Did you know MFI offers free shipping to the continental U.S. on all orders more than $200? With this in mind, it's a good idea to stock up and place bulk orders on medical supplies so that you save on shipping costs!

If you are just shy of the $200 mark, we recommend taking stock of your current inventory and determining if any supplies are close to running out and adding them to your order. If you work in a larger facility, it can be worth it to check with other departments to see if they are planning to order medical equipment or supplies soon so you can place a larger order together to meet the $200 threshold.

4. Sign Up for the MFI Newsletter

Signing up for our newsletter is one of the best ways to keep updated on our monthly and quarterly promotions. In addition to being the first to hear about our special promotions, you'll get updates about our company, the state of the medical industry, and much more!

5. Call Our Medical Equipment Specialists

Our medical equipment specialists can get you the best deal. Simply give us a call during business hours and ask to speak with someone in our sales department. Our experts will be able to answer any questions you have about any of our products, and they can also provide you with a quote that reflects our lowest price! We always recommend placing your orders with plenty of time to spare, to ensure you don't have to pay expedited shipping to get your products in time. We understand this isn't always possible, however we encourage customers to place their order online and/or contact us via phone or email as soon as a equipment or supply need is identified. The sooner we know about your needs, the more time we have to get your order taken care of in a timely and cost-effective manner!