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B. Braun Prontosan Wound Gel (#400560 / 20 per case) comes in a 30 mL bottle to provide an optimal wound management solution. Two ingredients, PHMB and Betaine, combine to maximize cleansing power and ensure immediate debridement. This effective gel should be applied at every dressing change and features a 28-day shelf life after the bottle is opened.

B. Braun Prontosan Wound Gel Features

  • 30 mL bottle.
  • Can be used in conjunction with or independently from Prontosan Wound Irrigation Solution.
  • No further preparation is required. Making it extremely easy to use.
  • Apply at every dressing change or per your clinic's protocol.
  • 28-day shelf life after opening.
  • Two ingredients combine to maximize cleansing power.


  • PHMB (Polyhexanide), a preservative also found in contact lens solution, inhibits the growth of microorganisms within the gel.
  • Betaine (Surfactant) is a surface-active cleanser that delivers immediate debridement.

B. Braun Prontosan Wound Gel Specifications

Latex Information Total Shelf Life (Months) Ordering Unit Units per Case Dimensions per Case Shipping Weight per Case Sterile
Components do not contain natural rubber 36 Case 20 8.150 x 5.197 x 5.118 inches 2.348 lb Yes

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