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MFI is proud to carry Seiler Instrument's line of products. Seiler products provide excellent optics for both the medical and dental industries. Their line includes microscopes, colposcopes, loupes, stools, and more.

A Seiler product of note is the 985 Colposcope. The 985 is the premier over the shoulder model from Seiler. Its mount is set up higher to remove any obstructions from the user's field. It is equipped with a 5 step magnification turret, 300 mm working distance, and standard LED illumination. The 985 also features a lifetime warranty on Optics and Mechanics, offering peace of mind with this advanced microscope.

The 985 is available in several configurations. Other than the standard base model, customers can choose from video and digital packages which enable users to view live images on a monitor during the exam. This is an especially useful feature for teaching, recording, and demonstrations.

The ability to rig a DSLR camera to the microscope is not exclusive to the 985. In fact, there are several other Seiler Instruments that can support video capture. The Evolution ZOOM, Alpha Air 3, and Alpha Air 6 are also compatible with digital cameras. MFI offers cameras and the camera adapters that enable video capture with these microscopes.

Another featured product is the Alpha Air 3 ENT Microscope, which is an extremely powerful, multi-purpose microscope. It uses high quality German optics and the brightest standard LED light source on the market. The Air 3 has a compact design that allows it to function in any environment, no matter the size constraints. As with the 985, the Alpha Air 3 also carries a lifetime warranty on Optics and Mechanics. It also comes in multiple configurations designed to meet the needs of each individual practice. The Air 3 can be configured to be floor, wall, high wall, ceiling, or tabletop mounted.

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