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When using SciCan disinfecting and sterilizing products, you can count on over 50 years of experience to provide your small clinic or large multi-office with the necessary infection control. SciCan products are now trusted in over 100 countries worldwide. SciCan dental is composed of complete disinfection control systems, designed to meet international quality standards. You can trust on the power of SciCan’s autoclaves to stop the spread of infections for staff and patients alike.


One of SciCan’s most popular products, the STATIM cassette autoclave, is favored in many dental offices worldwide for its speed and technology. MFI carries both the original STATIM 2000 and STATIM 5000 models as well as their STATIM 2000 G4 and current STATIM 5000 G4 models. Unlike conventional autoclaves that need to heat an entire reservoir of water, STATIM uses only a small, specific amount of water required for each cycle, saving you time. With features like the G4 WiFi enabled network and automatic system updates, STATIM autoclaves are ideal for facilities searching for easy to use equipment while maintaining the utmost standards in infection control. When looking for powerful disinfection and an effortless interface, the G4 WiFi enabled network included with the G4 autoclaves is the ideal choice.

Improving on STATIM’s reputation, SciCan’s line of BRAVO vacuum chamber autoclaves incorporate both pre-vac and post-vac cycles to ensure the best steam penetration for any load. Pre-vac cycle removes air while the post-vac cycle helps with rapid drying of the instruments. The BRAVO line of chamber autoclaves is one of the fastest vacuum autoclaves on the market today. Available in both the compact BRAVO 17V and larger BRAVO 21V model.

Certified Pre-Owned

MFI carries certified-pre-owned SciCan products, certified to like-new condition and manufacturer factory specifications. Certified equipment offers immense savings perfect for any budget. On average, certified equipment is about 25-50% less expensive than new equipment. MFI’s certification process ensures the equipment is in proper working order as well as perfect cosmetic appearance.


Be sure to check out MFI’s specials page for the most up to date deals. Specials are always changing and often certified pre-owned autoclaves, like SciCan’s, can be found at even lower prices.

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