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Schiller's products span a broad range of specialties. Their Patient Monitors are affordable and include many features. They also make Spirometers, ECG machines, and Blood Pressure Monitors.

At MFI, we carry many of Schiller's products, including one of their best sellers, the Tranquility II Patient Monitor. The Tranquility II is a portable touchscreen monitor that can be used for adult, pediatric, and neonatal patients.

Each Tranquility II comes with basic parameters including ECG, NIBP, SpO2, Temperature, and Respiration. Customers can also choose to include EtCO2 or an optional built-in printer. This patient monitor is an excellent option for most practices as it is highly portable and easily connects to a wireless or wired network. Syncing to existing systems is a breeze with the Tranquility II.

Another excellent product from Schiller is the SpiroScout PC-Based Ultrasound Spirometry System. The SpiroScout is a tabletop Spirometer that simultaneously measures flow and gas density providing all the necessary information about the volume and gas exchange from one single measurement, enabling the exact determination of all spirometric parameters.

This innovative system uses modern ultrasound hardware and the latest Windows-based programming techniques to offer a user-friendly spirometry solution for the diagnosis and treatment of obstructive and restrictive pulmonary diseases. The SpiroScout is portable and easy to use. To get started with a new patient, simply change the mouthpiece and go. There is no calibration required on this maintenance-free system.

Schiller also makes products for Cardiology. The Cardiovit AT-2 Plus 12 Channel ECG Machine provides computerized ECG measurements which save time and generate more accurate and consistent results compared to manual calculation. The AT-2 includes a built-in water-resistant keyboard with function keys for easy and quick patient data entries. It is portable, easy-to-use, and fast, generating printouts including diagnosis and measuring values in less than 20 seconds.

To find out more about Schiller's products, explore the Schiller page of the MFI website or call our sales team at (800) 633-1558.

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Schiller One Piece ECG Cable

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The Schiller One Piece ECG Cable is 11' long and uses a 12-Pin connector. It is available with 3 snap or clip style leads. This cable is compatibl...

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