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The Schiller Cardiovit AT-102 12-Channel ECG (#9.070000) includes a 10 Lead Patient Cable, 10 Snap Clip Electrode Adapters, 500 Disposable Electrodes, pack of paper, power cable, operating manual, and interpretation guide.

Warranty: 3 Years Limited - Free from Defects in Material and Workmanship.

The Cardiovit AT-102 is a versatile EKG that adapts to any physician office needs. It has 12 simultaneous channels to provide instant EKG recordings. The user interface and intuitive operation allow for higher productivity and efficiency while offering great value for money.

The AT-102 is particularly suitable for routine use in practice, clinic, clinical research institutes, or emergency medicine. The integrated, high-resolution A4 real-time printer guarantees long-term storing of EKG recordings in archive quality. On its graphic display, all 12 EKG leads can be displayed in freely selectable sequences of 3, 6, or 12. The printout of recording includes interpretation and measurements.

The Cardiovit AT-102 is compatible with the Schiller rolling stand (#2.101125SAM) for easier movement between rooms.


Schiller Cardiovit AT-102 12-Channel ECG Features

  • 12 lead resting EKG.
  • Resting rhythm EKG.
  • Intuitive, easy use with direction function keys.
  • Interpretation (for pediatric and adults), Memory (for Resting ECG).
  • Built-in full size thermal printer (8.5" x 11") with auto-open tray for large A4 size printouts.
  • Internal memory for up to 40 records.
  • Full alphanumeric keyboard. The function keys allow easy and quick patient data entries and clinical remarks.
  • On-Screen Status Indicators: Battery status, date, time, power source.
  • Line Frequency Filter: Distortion-free suppression of superimposed 50 or 60 Hz sinusoidal interferences using adaptive digital filtering (Schiller Powerline Filter SPF).


Schiller Cardiovit AT-102 12-Channel ECG Specifications

  • Weight: 5 kg.
  • Dimensions: 400 mm x 330 mm x 101 mm.
  • Battery Capacity: 4 hours of normal use (approximately 300 automatic EKG printouts).
  • Frequency Range of Digital Recording System: 0 to 150 Hz (IEC/AHA).
  • Chart Paper: Thermo-reactive, z-folded, 210 mm wide (A4, 8.5" x 11").
  • Power Supply Requirements: 220 - 240 V (nominal), 50/60 Hz; 110 - 115 V (nominal), 50/60 Hz; stand-alone operation with built-in rechargeable battery; LED indicator for mains operation, integrated power supply unit.
  • Power Consumption: 30 VA (max).


  • Patient Input Circuit: Full floating and isolated, defibrillation-protected (only with original Schiller patient cable).
  • Monitor Display:
    • 3, 6, or 12-channel display of the selected leads: 25, 50 mm/s or 5, 10, 20 mm/mV.
    • Filter status (on/off).
    • Insufficient electrode contact.
    • Heart Frequency (HF); mm/mV, mm/s.
  • Leads: 12 simultaneous leads - Standard / Cabrera.
  • Chart Printout Speed: 5/10/25/50 mm/s (manual print).
  • Sensitivities: 5/10/20 mm/mV, either automatically adjusted or manually selected.
  • Automatic Lead Programs: 6/12-channel presentations of 12 simultaneously recorded standard lead on one or more A4 (8.5" x 11") pages. Numerous printout formats can be selected.
  • Data Record: Patient data (name, age, height, weight, BP), user ID. Listing of all ECG recording conditions (date, time, filter).
  • Recording Track: 6/12-channel presentation, optimal positioning on a width of 200 mm, automatic baseline adjustment.
  • Filter: Myogram filter (muscle tremor filter): 25 or 35 Hz, can be switched on/off (Schiller Baseline Stabilizer SBS, Schiller Smoothing Filter SSF).
  • ECG Amplifier: Simultaneous recording of all 9 active electrode signals (=12 leads).
    • Pacemaker Detection: 2 mV / 0,1 ms.


Schiller Cardiovit AT-102 12-Channel ECG Literature

Schiller Cardiovit AT-102 12-Channel EKG Brochure

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