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Detecto is a company specializing in precise scales for the healthcare industry. The family-oriented brand has been operating since 1900. Today, Detecto manufactures scales, height rods, and accessories for all areas of healthcare.

At MFI, we carry Detecto's most sought after products. A popular product is the Model 6856 Digital Bariatric Scale, which has a capacity of 1,000 pounds. The large, low-profile platform of the 6856 makes stepping onto the platform much easier for patients with mobility issues. The digital display of the 6856 includes weight and Body Mass Index, and can be read from either side of the platform. This scale is ideal for weight loss clinics, hospitals, and nursing homes.

Another popular product from Detecto is the affordable DR Series Portable Digital Floor Scale. This scale has a capacity of up to 550 pounds, and uses a lightweight mobile weighing platform which makes it easy to transport. This scale is commonly used in mobile clinics, nursing homes, doctor offices, and for home use. It includes a digital readout display that displays weight in pounds or kilograms, and which can be mounted to a wall or table if desired.

Besides scales, Detecto also produces devices for measuring patients' heights. The SONARIS Sonar Stadiometer is a device which uses touchless sonar technology to measure height. The SONARIS can read results in feet and inches or inches, centimeters, and millimeters. Switching between different unit readings is a one click process. This Stadiometer measures from zero to nine feet and does not have a minimum height for measurements. A huge perk to the SONARIS is the auto calibrate feature which makes it easy to move and set up the SONARIS without worrying about mis-measurements.

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