New Ritter M9D Steam Sterilizer by Midmark

The new Ritter M9D Steam Sterilizer (#M9D-042) is the 3rd generation of an industry favorite, the Ritter M9D AutoClave Sterilizer (#M9D-022). This new 3rd generation model by Midmark features improved drying, a new thermal printer, and a reduced standard cycle time.

Midmark and Ritter exam tables and autoclaves have become staples in healthcare settings. With decades in the healthcare manufacturing industry, Midmark/Ritter has remained a leader due to their dependability and innovation. In this blog, we’ll go over the new features and why the M9D Sterilizer by Midmark has remained a favorite among healthcare professionals and MFI customers worldwide.

Improved Drying

Effective drying is important in a sterilization cycle to prevent unwanted moisture. The new M9D-042 Steam Sterilizer features a dynamic air removal system called Steam Flush Pressure Pulse. This technology removes air from the chamber in a more efficient manner. The more efficiently air is removed, the less of a chance that restricted air and steam flow could result in inadequate sterilization. Midmark is constantly looking to enhance its products to provide a better healthcare experience for both patient and caregiver. Improved drying is just one of the features of the 3rd generation M9D-042 Steam Sterilizer.

Riter M9D Steam Sterilizer

Thermal Printer

The new M9D Sterilizer upgrades it’s built-in printer to a thermal printer. A thermal printer means no ribbon cartridge to replace. Previous Ritter/Midmark M9D sterilizers featured dot matrix printers that use an ink cartridge to create ink impressions against the paper with a printer head. Thermal printers use heat and do not need separate ink, toner, or ribbon. This means less parts for you to replace saving you money during the life of your sterilizer. The printouts help you keep track of important information for the sterilization cycle such as the temperature, time, and a summary of the cycle. (P.S. If you would like to see what a printout looks like, check out the “Example of Typical Printout of a Program Cycle” on page 39 of the M9D-042 User Guide).

Reduced Standard Cycle Time

Ever thought, "I just need another minute" during your busy work day? Well now the new M9D Steam Sterilizer gives it back! The M9D-042 Steam Sterilizer has reduced standard cycle times for pouches and handpieces. These reduced cycle times meet FDA guidelines for sterilization procedures. Pouches and dental handpieces (wrapped or unwrapped) can be sterilized in just 4 minutes! Unwrapped items, such as loose instruments on the tray, open glass or metal canisters, and tubing, are sterilized in just 3 minutes. Faster cycle times help maintain efficiency in your sterile processing procedures. You can find all of the cycle parameters on page 24 of the M9D-042 User Guide.

Your New Favorite Piece of Equipment

It’s no wonder why Ritter has remained a favorite brand among professionals for decades. Midmark's constant growth as a company and the evolution of their products have made them a household name in facilities ranging from medical to veterinary to dental. You can count on Midmark and Ritter autoclaves to be found in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, laboratories, and any where easy and effective sterilization is needed. 

The M9D Sterilizer has been the number one choice of sterilizers among MFI Medical customers for years. Not only are we always looking to provide a wide range of dependable medical equipment and supplies but at the lowest prices possible. Certified Refurbished equipment is an excellent choice when price is a major deciding factor for your purchase. MFI Medical offers excellent refurbished models that are no longer in production, such as the #M9D-022.

Now with the introduction of the 3rd generation Ritter M9D Steam Sterilizer, MFI Medical’s collection of Midmark sterilizers has grown. Here is a breakdown of the different models available and their features*:

Name MPN Generation Key Differences
Ritter M9D Steam Sterilizer #M9D-042 3rd -Current Thermal Printer (requires thermal paper). Steam Flush Pressure Pulse air removal system. Reduced standard cycle times.
Ritter M9D AutoClave Sterilizer #M9D-022 2nd Dot matrix printer (requires paper and cartridge kit). Different standard cycle times.
Midmark M9D AutoClave Sterilizer #M9D-001 thru - 019 1st Previous model by Midmark (same manufacturer, different brand). Intended for Dental market. Made as the "AutoClave" and "UltraClave".


*Note: Due to the nature of manufacturer and supplier restrictions, the availability of these sterilizers may change and is subject to verification of the type of facility (ex. Dental). Our team will work closely with you to ensure we find the right model for your specific needs.