Choosing the Right Ambulance Cot: Comparing Stryker and Ferno Options from MFI Medical

When transporting patients safely and comfortably, ambulance cots play a critical role in providing the necessary care. Among the leading brands in the industry, Stryker and Ferno both offer a range of ambulance cots with different features and capabilities. In this blog, we'll look at the differences between Stryker ambulance stretchers and Ferno ambulance cots, including some options available from We'll also highlight some specific models from each brand, such as the Stryker MX-Pro R3, Stryker Performance Pro, Stryker Power-PRO XT, Ferno Powerflexx, and Ferno 35x.


Stryker MX-Pro R3 Ambulance Stretcher - MFI Medical

One of the most noticeable differences between Stryker and Ferno ambulance cots is their design. Stryker ambulance stretchers tend to have a more modern, streamlined look and are designed to be lightweight and compact. The Stryker MX-Pro R3, for example, features a sleek design with an integrated headrest and a four-bar rail system for excellent stability. On the other hand, Ferno cots tend to have a more traditional design and are designed to be more robust and durable. The Ferno Powerflexx, for example, features a broader base for increased stability and a retractable fifth wheel for better maneuverability.

Load capacity

Load capacity is another crucial difference between Stryker and Ferno ambulance cots. Generally, Stryker cots tend to have a lower weight capacity than Ferno cots. For example, the Stryker Performance Pro has a weight capacity of 700 pounds, while the Ferno Powerflexx has a weight capacity of 750 pounds. This means that Ferno cots may be better suited for heavier patients or situations where more robust support is needed.


Ferno 35x ambulance stretcher - MFI Medical

Both Stryker ambulance stretchers and Ferno cots offer a range of features, and some models may have unique features that distinguish them from others. For example, the Stryker Power-PRO XT Ambulance Cot features the ability to add compatibility with an automatic loading system that reduces the risk of back injuries to healthcare providers, while the Ferno 35x features a patented support system that helps distribute the patient's weight more evenly. The Stryker Performance Pro also features a retractable head section and an adjustable backrest, while the Ferno Powerflexx has an extendable foot section and a low-profile base for more effortless loading.


The price of ambulance cots can vary widely depending on the specific model and features. Generally, Stryker cots are considered to be more affordable than Ferno cots, although this may vary depending on the particular cot and other factors.


Choosing the suitable ambulance cot is crucial for any healthcare provider or organization. While both Stryker and Ferno offer high-quality cots with a range of features and capabilities, the two brands have some critical differences. Ultimately, the choice will depend on a range of factors, including the specific needs of the healthcare provider or organization, the patient population being served, and other factors such as budget and personal preference. By considering the above mentioned factors and evaluating the available options, healthcare providers can choose the ambulance cot that best meets their needs and provides the highest level of patient care.